Mars Switzerland Ltd trusts Sunrise

Sunrise is helping the Swiss subsidiary of one of the world’s leading food manufacturers market its diverse product range even more efficiently and specifically, enabling the company to offer its products in a more target group-oriented way.

Customer benefits

  • Best cost-benefit ratio compared to the competition

  • Attractive roaming rates for international business, such as those with their headquarters in the USA

  • Personal contact person, working together with you on a basis of trust

  • Fast, reliable, and uncomplicated solution-finding for a diverse range of requests

  • 24/7-service


Mars Switzerland Ltd, headquartered in the canton of Zug, is a subsidiary of the US family-owned company Mars Incorporated, which was founded in 1911 and operates in 80 countries worldwide. Since 1967, the Swiss subsidiary has been marketing a wide range of popular and established quality brands through its chocolate, food, and pet food business divisions. In addition to the well-known Mars® brand, their portfolio also includes popular snacks such as M&M’s®, Snickers® and Twix®, foods such as Uncle Ben’s® and Miracoli®, and market-leading pet foods such as Pedigree®, Royal Canin® and Whiskas®.

Thanks to its long-standing family tradition and strong sense of sustainability, the company stands for the awareness of social and ecological responsibility, and the secure global future that this awareness alone can ensure. The five principles of Mars – quality, responsibility, mutuality, efficiency and freedom – inspire the company’s 136,000+ employees to create value for all those involved and to generate growth that they can be proud of each and every day.

It goes without saying that these principles also apply to the company’s approx. 90 Swiss employees. At Mars Switzerland Ltd, the customer is king, which is why the company places the highest demands on service quality. As a telecommunications service provider offering reliable support and competent service, Sunrise is making a decisive contribution in this regard.


Mars Switzerland Ltd analyzed the telecommunications market in detail and, after an intensive evaluation, decided on the Sunrise Mobile Standard product. Among other things, this product includes the Sunrise Business numbers, Sunrise Business voice and mobile services. By opting for this product, the company has massively reduced its outlay on landline and mobile, while still enjoying the same services it was receiving from its previous provider. Sunrise has been able to count Mars Switzerland Ltd as one of its valued customers since 2018.

Customer proximity and immediate accessibility are among the top priorities of the food industry. Mars Switzerland Ltd feels particularly committed to this motto, and so it appreciates its partnership with Sunrise, as it enables the company to maintain customer proximity in a literal sense.

The industry-specific needs of an international company operating in Switzerland also include the global networking of all business activities. In this sense, Mars Switzerland Ltd benefits from the experience of Sunrise, its international contacts, and the attractive roaming rates, with the international mobile subscriptions and the uninterrupted service being just a couple of examples of the advantages Sunrise provides.

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