24/7 - Connected everywhere

"My district is rural Bäretswil and its hamlets in Zurich Oberland. The Sunrise network enables me to be contacted even in the furthermost corners of my journey."

Rebecca Aellig, delivery staff, Post CH Ltd, Bäretswil

Thanks to Sunrise, my scanneris always online when I am outon my route.

“The scanner is one of my most important work tools. It needs to be ready for use and connected at all times. It tells Swiss Post which mailboxes I’ve emptied or which registered letters I’ve delivered. I can pass on address
corrections directly via my scanner. Sunrise accompanies me when I deliver mail to every valley, over every hill and in every hamlet – six days a week and in all weather conditions. I rely on the network, and I know I’m in
good hands with Sunrise.  

Since the beginning of 2015, Swiss Post has been gradually switching its landlines and mobile phones to the Sunrisenetwork. The delivery staff’s mobile devices now also operate via Sunrise.

Swiss Post uses Sunrise Business voice, a Sunrise service for medium and large companies, for its landline telephones. The PostMobile subscription is a mobile phone solution specifically tailored to the company. The same goes for data traffic via tablets with the Swiss Post tablet subscription. The mail carriers’ scanners are equipped with Swiss Post Scanner Data. Swiss Post Scanner Voice is also envisaged for use in future.