Corporate Responsibility

Corporate responsibility is a priority at Sunrise. Ecological and ­social criteria based on principles of sustainability are factored into all of the company’s business decisions.

  • In December of 2014, Sunrise adopted a Corporate Responsibility Guideline that established company-wide environmental and social responsibility standards. The supply chain was examined more closely in 2015, and a set of environmental and social responsibility criteria based on the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition Code of Conduct was incorporated into new supplier contracts. Alongside these principles, documentation and processes for supplier evaluations were developed. A system is in place for conducting on-site reviews of the social, ethical and environmental issues faced by suppliers exposed to high risks, and for implementing any necessary improvements.
  • Sunrise supports a variety of local community initiatives. For example, employees participated in the national Clean Up Day in September 2015 by removing trash from the region around Lake Katzensee in Zurich.

    Under an industry-wide agreement, Sunrise also actively supports youth media protection, focusing on preventive measures and awareness programs. An ongoing dialogue with various stakeholders allows these measures and programs to be continuously adapted to the fast-­changing environment.

  • In the environmental sector, Sunrise focuses on energy and energy efficiency, and has been participating for over a decade in the voluntary energy efficiency program of the Swiss Federal government. By implementing energy-saving measures over the past three years, Sunrise has boosted its energy efficiency by almost 10 percent. Network operation accounts for more than 80 percent of total electricity consumption. Energy savings have been achieved in this sector particularly by installing more efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in data centers and by consolidating and increasing the efficiency of the hardware units in the mobile radio network. Sunrise supports the use of smart and efficient LED lighting technology in its buildings. Despite a ­tremendous increase in data usage and network performance, total energy consumption fell slightly over the past four years.

    Sunrise is also actively involved in recycling. Following a successful six-month pilot phase, a take-back program for mobile phones and tablets was launched in the spring of 2015.