Customer Orientation

Sunrise embraces three pivotal values that clearly make it unique: ­Fairness, transparency and customer orientation. Not only does Sunrise, along with all of its employees, live by these values in its day-to-day business, it also incorporates them into the design and innovation of its products and the expansion of its network, as well as into the continuous ­improvement of its customer ­service.

  • In 2013, Sunrise launched a company-wide, multi-year program dedicated to substantially improving the customer experience across multiple customer touch points. Through the Net Promoter Score (NPS) program, Sunrise was able to continuously identify areas in need of improvement and ensure the successful implementation of improved customer service. NPS is a powerful and simple metric for measuring customer loyalty and advocacy. The NPS score is obtained through a simple customer survey administered immediately after defined customer interactions take place with Sunrise and is supported through follow-up measures such as direct calls to customers to identify specific issues and causes for customer dissatisfaction. Sunrise has substantially improved its NPS score for its customer touch points as well as its products and services.
  • Customer orientation is also reflected in customer service that is focused on operational excellence. Sunrise offers support across all products and services including sales, administration, dealer support and technical support for both mobile and landline products. The customer care organization provides services through dedicated call centers and written correspondence as well as an online chat service. A centralized customer care unit has in-house capabilities but also outsources certain services. In-house capabilities are used primarily where specialized knowledge and back-office functions are necessary.

    The Sunrise customer service accessibility and resolution rates have substantially improved. Since February 2014, performance indicators on Sunrise call centers that are updated weekly are available on the company’s website. Sunrise was the first operator in the Swiss market to make this type of data available.

    As evidence of the quality of its customer service, the December 2015 edition of connect, Europe’s leading telecommunications magazine, named the Sunrise customer care hotline the best among all Swiss mobile network operators.

    In October 2015, Sunrise was recognized for its efforts in customer care at the Swiss Contact Day Awards Night, where it won the Golden Headset Award – the highest accolade given by the Swiss Contact Center Association – in the Employee Focus category, along with a certificate in the Customer Focus category behind winner Nestlé.