For everyone under 30

The unlimited mobile and Internet subscriptions from Sunrise

Switching to Sunrise Freedom Young pays off!

With Sunrise Freedom Young, you benefit from exclusive offers and advantages. And not just until your 30th birthday – forever!

Your advantages

50% discount on your half-fare*

If you are still under 30, we will cover 50% of the costs of your half-fare

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Unlimited data for WhatsApp*

In Switzerland and abroad

Unlimited data for Snapchat*

in Switzerland

No additional costs after you turn 30

Keep your youth rate for the same price, even after you turn 30.

Keep benefiting with no effort

We take care of everything – benefit from the youth rate for the rest of your life if you don't switch

Apple Music

6 months for free

*Half-fare: Not included in Young swiss data.

*WhatsApp: Unlimited data in Switzerland and in neighboring countries with Freedom Young swiss neighbors or in 46 countries (Region 1) with Freedom Young europe&US or an activated travel day pass data option. VoIP not included.

*Snapchat: VoIP not included.