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Perfect Wi-Fi: Three tips for good reception throughout your home

Do you have a subscription with fast Internet, but the Wi-Fi isn’t really up to speed? Don’t worry: There are ways to optimize the Wi-Fi reception in your home. Our Sunrise expert Jonas Stämpfli tells you what you need to look out for.

Evelyne Owa

June 9, 2022 . 2 minutes read

Video calls in your home office, gaming on the iPad and streaming on the TV: More and more electronic devices communicate with each other wirelessly in today’s homes. Stable Wi-Fi is all the more important. The following tips from our expert Jonas will help you optimize your Wi-Fi reception at home.

Tip 1: Place your router in the most central place possible

Connection problems can occur when objects block your router’s signal. A router should be positioned centrally, freely and, if possible, at waist height to work optimally. Therefore, do not place your router behind the sofa or behind doors in cabinets and the like. You can compare the router to a speaker: If you place a speaker behind an object or in a cabinet, you will no longer hear the music as well. Walls, pillars, large mirrors and plants also get in the way of a good Wi-Fi signal. Visual contact with the router serves as a good indication of a sound connection. The shorter the distance between the router and the devices, the better the Wi-Fi connection. Place the router on the TV unit, for example, a little distance away from the TV and the wall.

Tip 2: Switch off unused devices

Interference can be caused not just by objects, but also electronic devices that are not connected to the Wi-Fi. For example, the Wi-Fi signal can be negatively influenced by the waves or radiation from Bluetooth devices, microwaves, gaming consoles, or wirelessly connected baby monitors. That’s why it’s best to switch these devices off when you don’t need them. And: If possible, do not place the router directly next to these devices.

Tip 3: Use a repeater

A Wi-Fi signal can only be used up to a certain distance. The further you move away from the router with your device, the weaker your Internet connection will be. The consequence? Speed decreases and connection problems occur. Despite following the above rules, larger apartments and houses often cannot be provided with optimum coverage in every room. To improve the range of the signal, you can use so-called Wi-Fi repeaters such as our Smart Wi-Fi Connect Pods for example. Wi-Fi repeater means «amplifier». It transmits between a remote device and the Wi-Fi router that is connected to the Internet. You can simply plug the Sunrise Connect Pods into a power outlet – they will then automatically connect to the router. If you need assistance setting up your seamless Wi-Fi, then the Sunrise Home Installation Service is here for you


Modem, Router, Connect Box: What’s the difference?


Modems are devices that are necessary to convert data into digital signals and transport it to households via the Internet provider’s network. In everyday language, modems are often also referred to as gateways or routers.


Routers are network devices that forward and distribute data packages across multiple networks. They also transmit between private and public networks. Nowadays, routers for home use are usually integrated into the modem supplied by the Internet provider.

Connect Box:

Sunrise only offers modems with an integrated router. We call these devices «Connect Box» or «Sunrise Internet Box».

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