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Many companies today are ensnared in a rigid communication structure. At the same time, employees' requi rements of their workplace are often quite different from what is available with existing structures.

We are convinced that employees today want to work on a mobile basis, regardless of location, time and device. This not only benefits employees, but also you as an employer because your employees become more innovative, motivated and productive.

For this reason, Sunrise has developed the complete Unlimited Mobile Workplace solution for you.


Enterprise Mobile Solutions

Work mobile and from anywhere in Switzerland thanks to the outstanding Sunrise mobile network

BUSINESS MOBILE Mobile subscriptions for corporate needs

Our flat rates for calling and surfing in Switzerland and abroad starting from 50 mobile subscriptions

BUSINESS MOBILE Mobile-as-a-Service

Practical self-management tools for the independent management of Sunrise Mobile Services


Optimize your mobile subscription to fit your needs.

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Landline communication

Sunrise Business voice offers all modern forms of landline communication for companies of all sizes.


Internet of unlimited possibilities

Corporate network solutions

Flexibility to meet all changing needs

Work Smart
Custom ICT solutions

Your own infrastructure for communication and collaboration

Work Smart Services

Choose the right app for your modern and mobile workplace

Technology partners

As global leaders, Sunrise partners offer highly efficient and customer-oriented ICT-solutions and services

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SUNRISE FOR Schweizerische Post AG

Best mobile network coverage even in remote regions and in the large post office buildings

SUNRISE FOR Zürich Flughafen AG

Advanced communications solutions in a very complex environment.

SUNRISE FOR Maestrani Schokoladen AG

Transparency and sustainable, needs-oriented telecommunication services.

Best provider for telecommunication in Switzerland