We cover everything for your company! To make an impact as a company and reach the right audience, you need the best communications solutions and the right partner.

Whether you are self-employed, or run a start-up, an SME or a large international company: Sunrise offers companies of all sizes and needs, the ideal support in one of the most important aspects of the business world – business communications.

Our wide range of services includes optimal offers, always based on the latest technology: from voice networks and mobile telephony to Internet and data (incl. IoT/M2M) to highly complex communication solutions.

Interview with Robert Wigger

Topics and technologies Swiss business customers are focusing on.

Space travel with Sunrise

How the Sunrise network helped University of Bern professor Kathrin Altwegg.

Sunrise expands fiber optics partnerships

Sunrise enters into a new fiber optics access agreement with SFN and IWB and will also renew its partnership with SIG.

Enterprise Mobile Solutions

We take care of your specific needs with our attractive rates. Are your employees on the go a lot? Are most of your customers abroad? Around the world, in a neighboring country, or here in Switzerland? Whether you need calling or surfing, from employee to employee or to your customers' landline network. The mobile subscriptions from Sunrise are suitable for many completely different business models. 

Mobile subscriptions for all your corporate needs

Our flat rates for calling and surfing at home and abroad

Your enterprise deserves the best network

The best mobile network in Switzerland and fiber-optic networks in all large cities

Best 4G coverage

Sunrise has the best 4G coverage in Switzerland

TELEPHONY Communication of the future

Communication via the cloud-based phone system


If you are looking to securely connect company locations with individual performance specifications, then Business IP VPN is the most cost-effective solution.

GOOD TO KNOW Shutdown of ISDN and analog calling

The future of communication starts now

ICT SOLUTIONS Service based on your needs

Network- and ICT service from one source

INTERNET Internet of unlimited possibilities

The powerful connection to the Internet

SECURITY DDoS Attack Protection

Business DDoS protection
The flexible service from Sunrise

Smart Working
Business UCaaS

Our cloud-based service for communications independent of location and devices

Facing the future well-funded

Get your company ready for the future with Sunrise Business UCaaS. Enjoy an absolutely flexible solution for agile change processes.

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Sunrise for Schweizerische Post AG

Best mobile network coverage even in remote regions and in the large post office buildings

Sunrise for Zürich Flughafen AG

Advanced communications solutions in a very complex environment.

Sunrise for Maestrani Schokoladen AG

Transparency and sustainable, needs-oriented telecommunication services.