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Whether you are watching movies, streaming music or immersing yourself in the world of online gaming – Internet access provides many different options for spending your free time. If you want to switch providers or need a new phone line, however, you have a hard choice to make – there are many providers. The Swiss Institute for Quality Testing (SIQT) has taken a closer look at the rates and services offered by the eight largest Internet providers.

The following national Internet providers were included in the test:

  • -
  • - M-Budget Mobile
  • - Quickline
  • - Sunrise
  • - Swisscom
  • - UPC
  • - VTX
  • - Wingo

The test criteria were subdivided into four categories with different weighted values:

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    • What are the one-time and monthly costs of the tested rates? What is included in the rates and what are the contract terms? (55% of overall weight)
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    1. What Internet rate choices and add-on packages does the provider offer? (15% of overall weight)
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    • Are the most important costs and terms clear and transparent? How user-friendly is the website? (10% of overall weight)
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    • Did the provider treat the test customers in a friendly and courteous manner, and did they give them comprehensive and expert advice? (20% of overall weight)
Tests winner: Sunrise
Sunrise was the provider that best met the stated requirements and was able to secure the overall win, not least because it has the best rates.

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