Indoor Coverage as a Service
Everywhere flawless Sunrise mobile network reception within your business buildings

The unique managed offer throughout Switzerland

ICaaS from Sunrise allows you to counteract these bottlenecks inside buildings. It takes a targeted approach to ensure reliable mobile network capacity as well as trouble-free use of 3G/4G (ready for 5G).

ICaaS is suitable for companies that are not receiving optimum 3G/4G coverage inside their buildings, whether at their headquarters or multiple regional offices.

Sunrise offers customized packages for the best indoor network coverage. We handle the conceptual challenges of coverage and the many technical details; and thanks to our first-rate service, you can concentrate on your core business.

Your advantages:
  • The best network in Switzerland, both indoors and outdoors.

  • Sunrise monitors and maintains the service, including SLA.

  • From one cell to complex buildings – modular solutions.

  • Years of expertise in indoor coverage.

  • Complete data transparency thanks to your Sunrise Business Account.

  • Appropriate design with integration of existing infrastructure.

  • Your own mobile network customized for your building.

  • Service tailored to all of your needs and the specific circumstances of your location.

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