Business Cloud VPN
Connected through an Internet-based network of several sites, managed from the cloud and also able to include the internal network.

Why Business Cloud VPN?

If you are looking for a multi-site networking solution in Switzerland based on internet connectivity, Cloud managed WAN service from Sunrise offers a state of the art cloud managed solution integrated with Sunrise Business Portal.  This offers a high level of integration with Sunrise systems while leveraging the possibilities of cloud management and allowing the expansion of WAN internetworking to internal networking under the same platform.

Challenges for your business

WAN interconnectivity between business sites is a basic need for companies. Sometimes the pressure to keep costs down for providing this connectivity for smaller sites, or sites with lower performance requirements, forces businesses to use internet based solution rather than using a private network. In addition, such simplification comes hand in hand with the need to reduce the cost to maintain internal networks.

Sunrise solution

With the Cloud managed WAN service from Sunrise, you can resolve the need to provide connectivity among sites in Switzerland using internet.  The speed of the internet connection can be adjusted to suit the requirements of each enterprise.

On top of the internet connection, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) between locations is created. With this service, you automatically get the ability to use a cloud based dashboard to manage the state of your VPN; furthermore, you get access to the Sunrise Business Portal, where you can manage elements of your service and place new orders.

An additional advantage of this service is that it can be expanded to manage your internal network, LAN and Wi-Fi (Cloud Managed WLAN), based on the same platform and with the same level of integration with the Sunrise Business Dashboard.  


Sunrise solution - Top values in brief
  • Internet based interconnectivity among business sites.

  • Fully leverages cloud based capabilities.

  • Access to Sunrise Business Portal facilitating management of service parameters and new configuration.

  • Configurable security functions.

  • Single point of contact for WAN and internal network with Cloud WLAN

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