Options for your mobile subscription
Optimize your mobile subscription and tailor it to your and your company's needs

Roaming options for your stay abroad
Open the Sunrise Roaming Cockpit and sign up for the perfect roaming package for your stay abroad.
Access is free worldwide.
travel day pass data

For the occasional Internet use in the EU, the US and Canada

Surf automatically for CHF 1.90 per day (100 MB)

travel data

For regular Internet use abroad

Data roaming with 4 GB starting at CHF 29.00 per month (regular: 2 GB)

travel days

For unlimited calling, SMS, and surfing abroad

7 days for CHF 39.00 or 30 days for CHF 69.00

travel talk

For discounted calls and SMS worldwide

Basic fee CHF 10.00 per month

Options for calls to foreign countries
international unlimited EU+/USA/CAN

Unlimited calling from Switzerland to 36 countries

Unlimited and free SMS/MMS worldwide

Basic fee CHF 30.00 per month

Sunrise my country options

Unlimited or discounted calls to all mobile and landline networks in one country

Flat rates starting at CHF 15.00 per month

Sunrise international option

Discounted rates for calls and SMS/MMS from Switzerland to other countries

Basic fee CHF 5.00 per month

Additional options for SMEs
Extra SIM card for your laptop or tablet

Use your Sunrise mobile subscription services on additional devices

Basic fee per card is CHF 9.00 per month

Surf Protect

Protect yourself against phishing, viruses, ransomware, hacking, and botnets

For your mobile device CHF 2.90 per month, and for Internet in the office CHF 5.00 per month

Internet and landline options

More options and additions for your office Internet and landline service