Sunrise mobile internet
Take it along, plug it in, work

For everyone who travels frequently for business: Convenient data subscriptions to take with you

Sunrise mobile internet is the perfect solution for frequent business travelers. Just take it along and work anywhere. No matter where you happen to be: With Sunrise mobile internet, you have fast, wireless access to the Internet and your company's intranet via the Sunrise mobile network. Also, you can work online, check your e-mails or access your documents – anytime and anywhere. All of this with no concerns about costs. Our data subscriptions are all unlimited. Depending on your requirements, you decide whether you need a subscription with high-speed 4G+ with up to 300 Mbit/s or if Internet access with a lower bandwidth is sufficient for you.

  • Choose from three different types of mobile internet

  • International roaming is generally available up to a defined cost limit

  • For international business trips, you can supplement your mobile internet subscriptions with Business travel data roaming options

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