Cost control with SMS alerts
Total cost control for your employees surfing abroad

Cost control via SMS

Attractive Sunrise Business rates and Business data alerts ensure that costs for surfing abroad stay in control. You determine at what amount your employees should receive SMS alerts about the roaming data they've used. This lets you and your employees surf abroad without a worry and with total cost protection.

You focus on your business. We take care of everything else.

Two levels of security for total cost control

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    Once you have reached CHF 50, 100, or 200 of roaming data volume abroad, the Business data alert is triggered: You automatically receive an SMS notifying you of the costs incurred.

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    Once you reach your cost limit, data traffic is blocked immediately to protect you or your company. You can remove this block yourself by SMS. Please keep in mind that the block will be reactivated again before the end of the month if you reach your set cost limit again.

    Security level 1 alerts, however, will not be sent again.

Other attractive roaming options
BUSINESS TRAVEL DATA UNLIMITED 5 BORDERS Unlimited surfing in neighboring countries

5 GB of high-speed 4G Internet included.

BUSINESS TRAVEL DAYS Surf, call, and text abroad

Enjoy 7 or 30 days of surfing the web, and unlimited calling and texting.

BUSINESS TRAVEL DATA OPTIONS Surf abroad at attractive rates

Perfectly positioned with Sunrise travel data.

BUSINESS TRAVEL DAY PASS DATA 24-hour cost protection for surfing abroad

Included in your subscription and automatically activated the first time you use data abroad in Region 1.

BUSINESS TRAVEL VOICE Unlimited calling worldwide

Reduced calling rates in all roaming regions.

SUNRISE COCKPIT The service portal for your roaming Internet

Monitor data usage and purchase additional data abroad.