extra SIM surf&talk –
Online everywhere with your laptop or tablet

Get twice the benefit from your Sunrise business mobile subscription

Only for Sunrise business customers: In addition to the main Sunrise SIM card, use the extra SIM surf&talk with a second device of your choice, such as a laptop or tablet.

  • Just insert it into a second mobile device, such as a laptop or tablet

  • No longer any need to set up hotspot or tethering functions via a smartphone

  • Easy billing via the underlying mobile subscription – no additional bill

extra SIM surf&talk

The extra SIM surf&talk allows you to use one or more additional SIM cards in other mobile devices such as laptops, tablets etc. Mobile calls and mobile Internet access are possible at any time, and in parallel to your main Sunrise mobile subscription.

Each user of Sunrise's Business Mobile standard portfolio can obtain and use up to five extra SIM surf&talk cards for each mobile subscription.

There are no other fixed costs beyond a basic monthly fee. Usage (calls, SMS, MMS, and mobile Internet) is deducted from the underlying mobile subscription and listed in detail on the bill from Sunrise.

Benefit from the opportunities that the extra SIM surf&talk open for you and free yourself from tethering, hotspots and Wi-Fi – your second device is connected to the Internet via the Sunrise mobile network.

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PROMOTION Free extra SIM surf&talk

Online everywhere with your laptop or tablet: With the free extra SIM surf&talk, Sunrise already offers you the Unlimited Mobile Workplace today.

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