Mobile as a Service
Practical self-management tools for the independent management of Sunrise Mobile Services

Optimization of your processes

Sunrise Mobile as a Service (MaaS) is the overriding term for the Sunrise mobile self-management tools for business customers.

Today's employees are becoming increasingly flexible and involved. They change employers more often and work as freelancers or consultants. In addition, in their personal lives, they have become used to the flexible online customization of accounts and settings with various service providers. Many companies are therefore experiencing an increase in the need for practical self-management tools that account for these changes in the corporate world as well. Less time ought to be spent on administrative tasks, and more time should be available to spend on value-adding activities.

With Mobile as a Service, Sunrise has created a comprehensive and optimally interlinked offer to optimize these processes. MaaS is made up of the two areas called "Enterprise Service Management" (ESM) and "Enterprise Mobility Management" (EMM).

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Enterprise Service Management

Enterprise Service Management (ESM) includes all settings related to mobile subscriptions. Our Enterprise Service Management (ESM) solutions are effective platforms for companies that equip their employees with mobile subscriptions, devices, and other mobile-related services. With our self-management web platforms, business customers can manage all mobile-relevant settings related to mobile subscriptions, roaming packages, international phone credits, SIM cards, and device orders. Depending on the platform and on company needs, these settings either are configured by a dedicated administrator or are delegated to the users (employees) – with an approval workflow if needed.

Sunrise Business Portal

Sunrise Business Portal (SBP), the free online portal where business customers manage all their Sunrise products, serves as the gateway to all services.

Mobile Service Management

Mobile Service Management (MSM) is the extended Sunrise online portal for the independent management of mobile subscriptions and options, for ordering devices, and much more.

Sunrise Cockpit

The Sunrise Cockpit is a practical solution for all needs related to roaming options and settings. Access it worldwide at no charge at

Enterprise Mobility Management

Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) includes all settings related to mobile device content. With EMM, companies can easily define settings, apps, and other content and install them on their employees' mobile devices. Sunrise offers EMM solutions for all major smartphone brands. We have carefully selected the right partners to provide our business customers with reliable, high-quality, and attractively priced solutions. 

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management (MDM) simplifies content and applications management on mobile devices.

Device Enrollment Program from Apple

With the Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP), the initial configuration and administration of iOS devices is made easy.