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Worry-free business trips .
Roaming rates and options for business clients.

Attractive roaming options for complete cost transparency abroad

Worry-free business trips

Consult your colleagues in Switzerland. Schedule appointments on site. Cancel your return flight and more. If you frequently do business abroad, you know that things don't always go according to plan. With the flexible roaming options from Sunrise, you always have full cost control. Sign up for the right option for you and add it to your rate as needed.

Our low roaming rates - one of the many reasons why more and more business clients are switching to Sunrise

In recent years, Sunrise has been able to conclude particularly favorable roaming contracts with network providers worldwide. So we definitely do not have to shy away from a comparison with our competitors.


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BUSINESS TRAVEL DAY PASS DATA The 24-hour data cost protection abroad

Installed in your subscription by default and automatically activated the first time you use it abroad in region 1.

BUSINESS TRAVEL DAYS OPTIONEN All-inclusive: Surf, call, and text abroad

With Business travel days, your employees can remain in constant contact and can have unlimited surfing, calling, and SMS for 7 or 30 days.

BUSINESS TRAVEL DATA OPTIONEN Surfing abroad with attractive conditions

Not matter how long you stay abroad: With Sunrise travel data you can travel optimized

BUSINESS DATA ALERT The automatic SMS alarm that warns about impending high costs

Notifications via SMS: Full cost control when you surf abroad on business trips

BUSINESS TRAVEL VOICE OPTIONEN Unlimited calling worldwide

With our travel voice options reduced call rates in each roaming region

SUNRISE COCKPIT All Internet costs at a glance

Travel safely. In a cockpit that goes wherever you do. With our service portal you can use to have constant control of roaming.

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Could you use a little bit more?
PERFECT NETWORK INDOORS Business Indoor Solutions

Bad mobile network in buildings? Not a problem with Sunrise Business indoor box and Wi-Fi Calling


Sunrise offers not only the latest products from the world's leading manufacturers, such as Apple, but also their supplemental services


Unlimited surfing on the best Swiss network: Connect your device to mobile Internet anywhere and anytime with a SIM card or hotspot

Satisfied Mobile solutions customers
Sunrise for Meyerlustenberger Lachenal Ltd.

Cost-effective flat rate subscriptions for frequent travelers

Sunrise for OBI

Inexpensive calls to and from other countries thanks to the global option

Sunrise for Dreier AG

Communicate across borders without high additional costs thanks to a Swiss nationwide flat rate and adjustable pools