Perfect reception in every building
Innovative Indoor solutions for outstanding mobile reception

Are you having problems with mobile network reception in your company's buildings? Do your employees move around the premises a lot and are they sometimes hard to reach? With Indoor Solutions from Sunrise, you can even make calls in parking garages, in a workshop behind thick walls, or in protected security rooms. Just use your Wi-Fi network or set up your own mobile network.

Sunrise Business Indoor solutions for your company
  • Navigate insufficient mobile network conditions with poise

  • Always connected - everywhere

  • Continue to benefit from our low Sunrise rate

  • Easily call, send e-mails, and use the Internet

  • Keep employees, clients and visitors happy with mobile and flexible service

Would you like to be seamlessly available everywhere on the company premises on your mobile?
You can choose.
WI-FI CALLING Make calls on your company Wi-Fi

Just connect the smartphone with the company's Wi-Fi network and you'll be ready to contact your employees and coworkers over the mobile wireless company network. Sunrise offers this service delivered free.

BUSINESS INDOOR BOX Your own 3G network

With the Business indoor box from Sunrise, you can set up your own 3G mobile network cell in your building. Depending on demand, the Business indoor box can achieve network coverage of up to 200 meters.

Indoor Coverage as a Service The best network in Switzerland, both indoors and outdoors

ICaaS from Sunrise allows you to counteract these bottlenecks inside buildings. It takes a targeted approach to ensure reliable mobile network capacity as well as trouble-free use of 3G/4G (ready for 5G).

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SUNRISE MOBILE INTERNET Internet for your pocket

For everyone who travels frequently for business: The wireless and fast way to access the Internet or company network with flexible bandwidth and unlimited data volume.

SUNRISE MOBILE SUBSCRIPTIONS Attractive rates for every need

From little-used subscriptions for on-call services to unlimited subscriptions in Switzerland or for trips abroad.


Tower power for temporary offices. Surf up to 300 Mbit/s in downlink and up to 150 Mbit/s in uplink on up to 64 devices with the Sunrise Business mobile internet unlimited data subscription combined with the Sunrise Wi-Fi Tower.