No signal? No problem!
Wi-Fi calling for companies with smaller locations

Just connect the smartphone with the Wi-Fi network and you'll be able to contact your employees and coworkers over the mobile wireless company network. Sunrise offers this service with free delivery and no basic monthly fee.

Calls made over Wi-Fi, SMS, and MMS are charged at the regular Sunrise rates. You don't need to have Internet service with Sunrise to use it - but we would be even more excited if you were to take advantage of our entire package. According to test reports from Bilanz, we are ultimately the best universal provider  for small and mid-sized companies in Switzerland.

Here's how it works
  • Company Wi-Fi approved for using Wi-Fi calling

  • Connect the smartphone with the Wi-Fi network

  • Activate Wi-Fi calling in the settings of your smartphone

  • There is no need to download an app

  • Make more calls, send SMS messages, and more with your Sunrise mobile subscription

Here's how to activate Wi-Fi calling
  • A Wi-Fi calling-compatible iOS or Android operating system

  • A Wi-Fi calling-capable smartphone (Apple, Samsung, Huawei)

  • A Wi-Fi connection with a good Internet connection

  • Release of the company Wi-Fi for Wi-Fi calling

Are your devices not on the list?
No problem, we have an alternative solution for you.

Perfect 3G network reception in all Inner spaces.


Tower power for temporary offices. Surf up to 300 Mbit/s in downlink and up to 150 Mbit/s in uplink on up to 64 devices with the Sunrise Business mobile internet unlimited data subscription combined with the Sunrise Wi-Fi Tower.

SUNRISE MOBILE INTERNET Internet for your pocket

For everyone who travels frequently for business: The wireless and fast way to access the Internet or company network with flexible bandwidth and unlimited data volume.