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Flexible forms of work for the modern working world


Companies can open up boundless possibilities by digitalizing infrastructure for communication and collaboration. Mobile workplaces, temporary project teams, and outsourced services are replacing fixed and expensive structures. This lowers costs and increases your company's innovative power, which in turn improves your employees' productivity and motivation.

Collaboration tools that unite communication channels and document storage make it possible to drive projects forward in a goal-oriented manner. And that is exactly what is becoming more important when increasingly shorter innovation cycles mean work needs to be made more flexible, specialized, globalized, and mobile to promote efficiency and productivity.

The benefits of mobile workspaces

The communication behavior of the next generations to enter the job market will influence companies' infrastructures. If these infrastructures do not change, that results in disadvantages because users place the same demands on their work tools as their private ones. In the war for talent, it is important to give people the work tools that they know and live with in their private environment. Instead of e-mailing, people are already using collaboration apps like WhatsApp or Snapchat.



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Anytime – Anywhere – Any Device – Always Connected

Whether they want to use file sharing, chats, e-mails, phone calls, instant messaging, or video conferences - employees should be able to get in contact using different devices spontaneously and across companies, no matter where they are. A simple, uniform user interface that employees can operate the same way on every device allows them to concentrate on the most important thing: their work. That is the only way to guarantee a fast and seamless exchange of information in agile teams.

This is the work of the future:
  • Pushing projects forward instead of inefficiently managing work

  • More efficient collaboration instead of lagging behind developments

  • Communicating productively instead of wasting time at in-person meetings

  • Making information available for all employees instead of keeping expertise a secret

  • Using one uniform system instead of many isolated stand-alone solutions

Simple, inexpensive, secure
  • Intuitive tools, no training necessary

  • Easy integration into existing systems

  • Clients for software-based calling, web, and mobile devices

  • Top security based on the latest standards

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The Unlimited Mobile Workplace

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On-premise solution for collaboration and communications independent of location and devices.

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Sunrise is not just a telecommunications provider. It is also a partner and advisor that drives innovation forwards. We support every Swiss company that doesn't want to miss out on the future. We'll find a collaborative communications solution tailored to your demands, whether your company is a major corporation, a medium-sized company, or a freelance enterprise.