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Sunrise communicates in an open and transparent manner, constantly supporting a collaborative approach to optimizing our telecommunications options – although its quality network already provides exceptional network coverage.

Günter Härtel, CIO

How ENGIE Switzerland makes the best use of the Sunrise infrastructure

How Sunrise offers ENGIE Services AG the benefit of goal- and needs-oriented solutions for mobile phone services as well as for landline and data communication, ensuring that they are optimally equipped to deal with future challenges efficiently.

    • Employees use mobile phone services from a clearly defined “company pool” – Business mobile evolution.
    • The landline systems at the branch offices are already outfitted for a future without ISDN calling.
    • Clear, transparent interactions and collaborative problemsolving with personal contacts at Sunrise.
    • Around-the-clock availability with 24/7 Sunrise technical support.
    • Comprehensive network coverage of the highest quality.


As one of Switzerland’s leading energy services, building technology and facilities management companies, ENGIE has embraced a credo of “efficiency” in its day-today business. All the same, the telecommunications products ENGIE was using had long ceased to be efficient for an international company of its size. And the support provided by its previous provider no longer met its expectations. The company was in need of new solutions and state-of-the-art products as well as personal consulting illustrating the range of opportunities available to dramatically improve ENGIE’s telecommunications infrastructure. Openness, transparency, and – as we mentioned before – efficiency constituted additional criteria ENGIE considered important when selecting its new telecommunications service provider. At the same time, it was important to ensure comprehensive network coverage of the highest quality for mobile phone services across Switzerland.


Mobile and landline calling
Around 1,300 of the approximately 1,400 ENGIE employees have mobile phones. Regardless of their positions in management, field sales, service or installation: All employees use the same Sunrise mobile subscription. The Business mobile evolution product by Sunrise includes a data option with a “pool” that can be adjusted any time to meet the needs of the company and its employees. Not only is this subscription system very easy to understand, but it also has a very transparent rate structure. Sunrise also maintains the landline network: An alternate solution wasn’t even under consideration until Sunrise pointed out to ENGIE that using a different connection for each branch office, as ENGIE was doing, was incurring unnecessary costs. Furthermore, not all, but most of the connections have already been set up for the nationwide deactivation of ISDN in Switzerland by the end of 2017.

Data network
Sunrise also assessed ENGIE’s data network. Our specialists were given access to the network design and performed an in-depth analysis, which determined that the costs it was incurring were clearly too high. Sunrise then installed an DSL connection with more bandwidth for ENGIE – allowing each branch office to remain autonomous thanks to the dedicated network. Additionally, the Server Data Center is now linked to all important locations and to headquarters with redundant connections.

Network coverage and optimization
At ENGIE, management and field sales employees, service technicians and installers all have mobile phones – amounting to more than 80% of the personnel. It is essential that they get a good reception all over Switzerland and that they can be reached at any time – especially in remote areas. This means that network reception is crucial. A test run was performed successfully by Sunrise ahead of time with ten mobile phones and SIM cards. If a location doesn’t have optimal reception – a building with below-ground hallways, for example – Sunrise will outfit it with Femto cells to ensure network quality in this type of location as well.

And what can we do for you?
No matter how big or small your company is – you can always rely on Sunrise as a skilled and valuable partner that is able to provide you with the right products and services at all times. Set up a personal appointment with us so that we can get to know more about your needs and work with you to put together a customized quote. We look forward to hearing from you.