Integration Services

The best ICT infrastructure integrates and deploys advanced technology solutions from the world’s leading manufacturers. Sunrise Integration Services can customise these solutions to meet your requirements and ensure their interoperability

As soon as the basic architecture and solution have been chosen, an ICT project enters a very dynamic phase. Sunrise Integration Services integrates the selected applications and deploys the solution in parallel with a comprehensive training programme to enable users to make the most of their new communication tools.

Proof of concept

A significant investment in new infrastructure cannot be left to chance but with innovative and/or complex solutions, it is impossible to anticipate every scenario. In collaboration with manufacturers and software vendors, we build and test the solution in realistic conditions, either on-site or at a Sunrise Integration Services facility. Armed with this test data, we can build a reliable Return on Investment proposal.


Integration is a fundamental part of Sunrise Integration Services ’added-value service. We integrate the various technology and services components of the solution and, if necessary, develop solution-specific software. Then, we test the whole network and the applications to ensure compatibility and remove operational faults.

Sunrise Integration Services is a certified partner of world-leading technology suppliers.


The deployment phase is where the success of the project is decided. A dedicated project manager will use proactive risk management procedures to organise the work in precise, realistic steps with a clear definition of responsibilities and agreed milestones, bringing in any expert help required to minimise business disruption and anticipate last minute changes.

Full documentation and management tools are supplied as part of the transfer of financial and asset responsibility.

Service Management

Any significant change can have a negative effect on company efficiency and motivation so we propose a familiarisation schedule to help the users adapt to new solutions and tools. New IT infrastructure and applications must lead to better results without a decrease in productivity. Each user has to feel comfortable with the new applications quickly which can be helped by the creation of customised tools such as a dedicated Intranet, user guides and demonstration sessions.

It is important to consider the human dimension and the natural opposition to change. Transforming this opposition is a key issue for project acceptance so we keep our ears open to users’ experiences and develop a common plan with the IT division and internal communications departments.

Sunrise Integration Services specialists use the ITIL approach of planning to implement service management. Our wide experience in solution deployment transforms the natural fear of a new experience into a rewarding, positive state of mind. We deliver a continuous service improvement plan.

Customer training

Alongside the psychological aspects of change, practical training on new equipment and applications is essential to ensure the rapid acceptance and the anticipated rise in productivity.

A training portfolio for users and IT managers can be developed in conjunction with our hardware and software partners. Sessions can be intensive or long-term and company-specific or as part of a multi-enterprise course. Follow-up sessions are always proposed to answer questions which have arisen from live situations.