The telephone is a powerful tool but voice communication now comes in many forms

Even after a hundred years, the telephone is still one of the most effective forms of human interaction. Enterprises are keen to invest in tools which make every call more constructive, focused and profitable for their employees, business partners and customers.

Integrated, flexible and easy-to-manage communications solutions guarantee a rapid return on investment (ROI) with significant improvements in organisational effectiveness. Users are more mobile and work smarter as technology removes the boundaries of time, environment and geographical location. When the right people connect with the right information and resources, staff morale and productivity improves as employees feel empowered to do their jobs more effectively.

With more than two decades’ experience in the deployment and support of multi-vendor, mission-critical communication solutions, Business Sunrise Integration Services is a leader in the unified communications market with levels of expertise, skill and professionalism that are unmatched in Switzerland. We are truly the Communications Experts.

Our solutions cover all aspects of modern voice communication including video telephony for conferencing. We also provide a wide array of phones for all business needs, including IP, DECT, VoWLAN, GSM, digital and mobile handsets and attendant consoles. This advanced range offers a new dimension in audio experience, aesthetics and communication productivity.

Other powerful efficiency tools include softphone applications where telephone functionality is resident on the user’s PC, giving immediate access to applications.

XML services enable an application to interact with call server users through their terminals, allowing the application to build screens and collect user actions.

Our skills enable our customers to approach voice solutions from an organisational point of view, rather than a purely technological angle. We concentrate on improving people’s efficiency and productivity through our commitment to effective implementation and our strategic relationships with the world leaders in voice communication technologies.