Commute with your own hotspot.

Commuters can make productive use of the time it takes them to get to work and back home, manage their e-mails or do research on the Internet – and all without relying on external Internet access.

Switzerland is a country of commuters: An increasing number of Swiss live in a different town than where they work. In today’s business world, the number of commuters is increasing, and the distance they cover from Monday to Friday is getting longer. This also means that people spend more time on trains, streetcars, or buses. On average, Swiss commuters spend 69 minutes a day using public transportation. That’s 69 minutes that could be used productively, and an increasing number of employers are starting to pay attention to this as well.

Pocket-size hotspot

All you need to work as efficiently as possible while commuting is the new “4G+ Pocket WiFi” from Sunrise. It is a practical, small device the size of a smartphone, it weighs only 185 grams and it fits into any pocket. You can use it to set up your own WiFi hotspot easily and conveniently when on the go – without having to log in to an external, often instable and slow WiFi network or having to use your smartphone.

Whether on the train, the streetcar or the bus: Now you can download e-mails using a secure and stable connection, and manage them on your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Or you can do some Internet research needed for a presentation or your first meeting of the day. This transforms public transportation into your mobile office.

For a lot of people, the morning is the most productive time of the day. Even before the hustle and bustle of the office day begins, you can, for instance, focus on your work while on the train and be productive without being interrupted by phone calls. The “4G+ Pocket WiFi” from Sunrise takes barely any time to set up, and there is no need to worry about technical difficulties. It is easy to share the Internet access with work colleagues, schoolmates or college classmates, which allows them to turn their commute into productive work time as well.

Unlimited mobile freedom

The only prerequisite is access to the Sunrise mobile network, which received the distinction of being the best network in Switzerland from the industry journal “connect”. If you have a “4G+ Pocket WiFi,” there is no need to use your smartphone battery for so-called tethering, which is the setup of a small WiFi. The Sunrise hotspot was designed from the ground up to convert a mobile network signal into a powerful WiFi network.

What many people do not know: When you use your smartphone for tethering on a regular basis, your phone battery drains more quickly than it would otherwise. But you can even use the “4G+ Pocket WiFi” device as a power bank to charge your smartphone when you are on the go, such as on your way home from work in the evening. Of course, the commute home from the office can also be used for last-minute work for which you need the mobile WiFi from Sunrise.

And if you are not taking public transportation, but are in the car with work colleagues driving to a business appointment, you can use the “4G+ Pocket WiFi” from Sunrise on the way to your destination. You can establish a hotspot in the car as well, allowing all passengers, for example, to complete and finalize the presentation for the upcoming customer visit – allowing you to benefit from unlimited mobile freedom even when you are on the go.


Your personal hotspot: Sunrise 4G+ Pocket WiFi

With your own personal hotspot from Sunrise, you and your team can use the mobile Internet without any limits on the best mobile network in Switzerland. Up to 32 devices can connect to the hotspot simultaneously via WiFi. The hotspot, incl. an according subscription, costs less than CHF 1.00 per day. It also comes with a cable loop that can be used to charge mobile phones or tablets.

  • Pocket size 4G+ hotspot
  • Can also be used as a charger for smartphones and tablets
  • According to “connect”, OpenSignal and Ookla, Sunrise has the best and fastest mobile network in Switzerland.
  • Price including subscription: CHF 25.00/month

Unlimit your business!

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