Value-added services

Multiple connections under this number

Business numbers und Business company numbers: the optimal telephone numbers for good business

Business numbers

With Business numbers, you provide your customers with an easy way to contact you by phone. Alternatively your can generate income from services over the phone. Regardless of which numbers fit your needs, Business numbers turn your business model into a model for success.

Overview of the offers

Business 0800 freecall (toll-free numbers)

Show how close you are to and how much you appreciate of your customers. Calls to Business 0800 freecall are toll-free. For customer service, tourist information or the central booking office: callers do not have to pay any charges for contacting your company.

Business 084x numbers (shared cost numbers)

Create new means of contact, e.g. for your ordering service, taxi control center or technical support line. You can be reached at the same standardized and location-independent number. Your customers are charged the standard national rate for calls to Business 084x numbers. As an 084x number operator call forwarding, to a Swiss landline number is free of charge.

Business 090x numbers (value-added service numbers)*

Leave the collection of charges for value-added services to us. Calls to Business 090x numbers incur higher charges for callers. These relate to marketing, sales and entertainment numbers used by your company to generate revenue. Callers pay a higher rate per minute or a mixed rate per call and per minute.

Sunrise offers 090x numbers for the following categories:

  • Business 0900 market

Your hotline for all business and marketing activities. Use your 0900 number for phone sales of your offerings – from a ticket hotline to providing information about specific topics or the support number for your service department.

  • Business 0901 shop

The good vibe offer. Count on your 0901 number to offer games, competitions and voting features or to run a dating line, for example.

  • Business 0906 adult

Heat up the phone line. Personal small talk and erotic chat are just an 0906 number away.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Convenient accessibility throughout Switzerland under one number
  • Productivity with minimal investment
  • Business Sunrise takes care of collecting charges and bills by the second

Business company numbers

With Business company numbers, all of your company's telephone lines can be reached via a number with the area code 058 – regardless of your location or whether you can be reached via the landline or mobile network. Please find all information about Business company numbers from the fact sheet.

*Charge back
If, despite appropriate collection measures, the respective provider is unable to collect debts outstanding for the use of your 0900, 0901 or 0906 number from the end customer (the person who is calling your 0900, 0901 or 0906 number), the respective provider may reclaim the amount already paid to Sunrise for the respective Sunrise provided service. In the event that the respective provider makes this claim and if the unpaid amount exceeds CHF 1’000.00 per end customer or CHF 10’000.00 per 090x number during the calendar month, we reserve the right to (i) reclaim the amount that is due to you or (ii) to off-set the amount due by issuing a credit note. We will always place all call charges that are part of the unpaid calls in the bill.