Information Security and Data Protection
Telecom services are becoming more and more complex and are thereby heavily dependent on highly sophisticated technological infrastructures. Software or hardware failure, human error, viruses or hacking can decrease service quality or, in the worst-case scenario, lead to system outages. The certification of the Sunrise Information Security Management System in accordance with the ISO 27001 standard, along with the Sunrise business continuity management plan, ensures that Sunrise services meet the standards that customers demand.

The Company’s ISO 27001 certification was reconfirmed by an external audit and ensures the highest levels of quality within Sunrise. This includes all offices, employees and operational processes, the handling of customer information and communications as well as the technology infrastructure and services used for processing, storing and transmitting customer information and communication. The certification includes residential and business customer data.

ISO Certification

Digitalization and innovation
Sunrise launched the innovative and customer-friendly service Sunrise Pay, a convenient, easy and secure payment method in combination with mobile phone bills. Sunrise Pay lets users purchase apps, games, music, eBooks, movies, tickets and much more from their smartphone or tablet and pay conveniently via their monthly bill or prepaid balance.

The launch of the new website and the My Sunrise laid the foundation for implementing numerous digital initiatives aimed at simplifying and improving the online customer experience.

Network quality and reliability
In 2017, Sunrise continued its long-term strategy toward providing a defect-free network and therefore globally recognized, exceptional quality. After succeding in the worldwide recognized quality benchmark connect test in 2016, Sunrise was able to even further improve in 2017. The Company achieved the highest score ever awarded worldwide with 973 points out of 1000 and could defend its title of being winner in connect test. This shows once more that its strong focus on quality is paying off.

Sunrise provides mobile services over its own network using GSM / GPRS / EDGE, UMTS / HSPA and 4G / 4G+ technologies. On the landline side, Sunrise leverages 631 points of presence in its fully-invested local loop unbundled network, covering approximately 85% of households in Switzerland. It benefits from a 12,242-km long, state-of-the-art fiber optic network reaching across Switzerland. As a result of its long-term agreement with Swisscom, and a strategic collaboration partnership with Swiss Fibre Net AG, a joint venture of Swiss energy providers and local utilities, the Company has access to the most advanced, next-generation copper- and fiber-based access technologies, such as vectoring, fiber-to-the-street, fiber-to-the-building and fiber-to-the-home.  

Sunrise has continued to invest in network quality, availability and security. The Company remains committed to its clear strategy of expanding 4G+ technology and is not stopping at the typical key performance indicators for population coverage: As early as in 2016, it reached a 4G population coverage level of more than 99%, thus achieving this objective early. Sunrise continued to fulfill its promise of more than 92% 4G area coverage in 2017 and over-delivered in November 2017 with 94.3% of 4G area coverage. Key drivers for this strategy continued to be the sustained rapid growth in data traffic, which currently doubles every 10 months, and the demand for mobile and landline broadband services. 

The success of this strategy is not only paying off in several different network tests and benchmarks, such as the connect test, Ookla ( and, but also in the fact that many top-quality brands have decided to move their services to Sunrise. 

Network Coverage

Customer needs focus
The Company’s focus on customer needs and satisfaction is an integral part of its sustainable business strategy that is geared toward long-term customer retention. Sunrise has been using a robust customer feedback system to document customer needs for several years. The Company systematically evaluated feedback from some 400,000 customers yearly. While it has addressed individual responses personally, it has also devised methodical solutions for analogous responses received from multiple customers. These efforts culminated in several awards, particularly those based on customer surveys (Bilanz rating) and others presented by specialty media providers (connect Hotline Test, connect Network Test, Comparis).

Media Competence and Protection of Minors

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