Our employees

Sunrise has adopted a set of values that not only promote but exemplify everything it does: bold, intuitive and positive. Bold because the Company believes in blazing new trails and winning with bold ideas, in rewriting the rules on behalf of the customer and making a difference every day. Intuitive alludes to the Company’s firm belief in outstanding quality tailored to satisfy its customers’ individual needs. Lastly, positive means that Sunrise believes optimists go further: that the Company aspires to create simple and engaging experiences that are beautifully engineered and fit to purpose. That it aims to make every day brighter, one sunrise at a time. Sunrise employees are encouraged to regularly examine these values and discuss their practical implementation both inside and outside the Company.

  • As of December 31, 2019, Sunrise had 1,798 employees (1,739 full-time equivalents) throughout Switzer- land (an increase of 6.7% from the previous year). These positions are located at the Company’s headquarters in Zurich, its offices in Prilly, Geneva, Bern, Basel and Lugano, and at some 95 points of sale across the country’s different linguistic regions.

    Women account for 28.1% of the Sunrise workforce and 16.1% of its leadership. Of the overall workforce,
    61.1% work under the Collective Employment Contract. The employee-initiated attrition rate for the year averaged 13.1%. The average age of employees is 39 years, and they stay at Sunrise for an average of 7.4 years. The overall part-time quota is 11.8%, 66.4% of which are women. 


Employee KPIsIn full-time equivalents (FTE)

or headcount (heads) as indicated

2019 2018
Total staff (FTE) 20191,739 20181,611
Total staff (head count) 20191,798 20181,671
Extended management (head count) 201940 201837
Women in extended management (head count) 20197 201810
Men in extended management (head count) 201933 201827
Women (head count) 2019505 2018465
Men (head count) 20191,293 20181,206
Apprentices (FTE) 2019137 2018140
Participants in employee engagement survey (head count) 201976.0% 201892.0%
Personnel expenditures in CHFk 2019225.5 2018213.9
  • Employees from over 50 nations contribute to the knowledge, innovative thinking and extraordinary commitment that helps Sunrise succeed. Sunrise stands not just for Swissness but for an international, multi-cultural and open work environment as well. Sunrise firmly believes that it can better meet the varied needs of its customers by fostering an environment of diversity and inclusion. Mutual respect, tolerance towards other cultures and a discrimination-free workplace are part of everyday life at Sunrise. Sunrise protects its employees’ mental and physical integrity and does not tolerate mobbing, sexual harassment or any other form of discrimination. Sunrise employees are expected to show respect for all colleagues, customers and vendors. They are encouraged to report observed misconduct according to the anti-discrimination policy.

  • As a responsible employer, Sunrise cultivates an open, constructive dialog with the employee-elected representatives of the Staff Committee.  The Executive Leadership Team and the Employee Relations Manager provide Staff Committee delegates with a monthly update on the Company’s development, specifically with regard to any decisions that might impact the workforce. Other topics the Staff Commit- tee addresses are issues such as the workplace environment and employee assistance in the event of bilateral conflicts. The Staff Committee collects information from employees and consults with the ELT accordingly. In the event of a reorganization, merger, acquisition or large-scale layoff, close collaboration between the Staff Committee and the ELT is essential. The nine members of the Staff Committee are elected for a three-year term, with the current term ending in December 2019. In connection with the planned integration of UPC, the Executive Leadership Team approved the Staff Committee’s request in August 2019 to extend the term for one year. The current term now ends in December 2020.

  • In 2019, HR introduced two new employee surveys: Great Place To Work and PulseCheck

    Great Place To Work
    The international research and consulting institute Great Place to Work® certified Sunrise as an outstanding employer in August 2019.

    The Great Place to Work® certification is based on an anonymous survey of all employees as well as an analysis of the HR and management perspective. To receive the Great Place to Work certification, companies must achieve a score of at least 70% in the evaluation of criteria from both parts. Sunrise took part in the certification program for the first time and is the first Swiss telecommunications company to be awarded this title.

    Sunrise staff gave their employer top ratings in all five related categories: trust, respect, fairness, pride, and team spirit. With an above-average 82% participation, Sunrise achieved a particularly impressive result in the category ’Pride’: 88% of employees are proud to work for Sunrise. In total, 87% think that Sunrise is a Great Place to Work®. The survey also highlights areas that still need improvement, such as developing the potential and skills of Sunrise employees. Follow-up actions are in place in all business units to create an even more attractive workplace.

    Sunrise Engagement Survey PulseCheck
    Sunrise management is keen to collect employee feedback on a regular basis. To this end, Sunrise has carried out regular employee surveys since 2011. In 2019, Sunrise replaced the so-called Sunrise Spirit survey (hosted by Gallup) with the PulseCheck survey (hosted by honestly) in the second half of November. PulseCheck is an online survey with a short questionnaire covering questions that provide feedback about Sunrise as an employer, its management and Sunrise as a workplace.

    Starting in 2020, to better match the fast pace of the industry and Sunrise in particular, the PulseCheck survey will take place on a quarterly basis. 

  • Sunrise promotes a culture of excellence and strives to continuously improve the services it offers to its customers. Its annual goal-setting and evaluation process is an essential results-oriented performance and development tool. Here, Sunrise focuses on business strategy, corporate values and clear management principles to provide guidance and to fulfill the Company’s promise to its customers. As part of this, Sunrise encourages managers and employees to have a regular conversation about personal development.

    The Sunrise Personnel and Organizational Development program supports the continuous development of Sunrise leadership and employees and their continuously changing challenges and environment. For example, so-called team pit stops provide the manager and the team with valuable insight on how management and staff work with each other. The overall goal is to strengthen cooperation and improve the manager’s leadership skills.

    To better adapt to continuous change, in 2019 Sunrise made the decision to reduce its standard recur- ring training and development offerings and use the freed-up budget for customized personnel and team development measures. To further develop its internal workforce and identify employees with high potential (as leaders or experts), Sunrise reviewed the entire internal Sunrise workforce (covering all functions and levels) and 72 employees were identified as top talents. Together with the supervisor and HR, each top talent designed a customized development plan and future career track. 

  • As a highly engaged and well-known participant in the Swiss apprenticeship market, Sunrise puts great effort into training up-and-coming professionals. With 137 apprentices on staff, equivalent to 8% of all full-time positions, a number well above the legal requirements and the industry benchmark, Sunrise holds the highest percentage of apprentices of all major telecommunications providers. Apprentices are trained in the areas of sales, customer relations, IT, mediamatics and retail. Sunrise considers this part of its responsibility to society while also understanding the importance of systematically developing its own young talent pool.

    All apprentices who completed their apprenticeship in 2019 passed without exception. Two of the 39 apprentices were among the best of their year due to their outstanding performance. In 2019, 72% of apprenticeship graduates went on to become permanent employees of the Company. 

  • Sunrise is aware of its responsibility as an employer and aims to protect all employees against accidents at work. In 2019 it conducted a series of training sessions based on the company-wide occupational safety plan.

    Sunrise offers employment terms that are both progressive and competitive. This contributes to its positive image as an employer. To this end, it offers a wide range of benefits, such as a pension plan in excess of the mandatory requirements, unpaid leave and a flexible vacation policy, all of which make it easier for employees to enjoy a healthy work-life balance.  Each employee, for instance, is entitled to up to two additional weeks of unpaid vacation. Sunrise employees also enjoy five weeks of vacation, or six weeks until the age of 20. Star ting at the age of 50, employees have six weeks of vacation.

    In order to promote the physical and mental health of its employees, in 2020 Sunrise will focus on health management and prevention. Concepts are currently being developed to ensure and further improve employee health. Sunrise is already promoting participation in sporting events (such as bike to work, the weekly boot camp and the annual New Year’s Eve run). This not only strengthens the team spirit among the staff but it also promotes physical activity to compensate for the time spent in the office. Fresh apples from a farm are also delivered weekly to encourage employees to eat vitamin-rich fresh fruit. These are available to all employees and are free of charge. In addition, Sunrise offers a range of preventive training courses on resilience and stress management for employees and managers. Sunrise works closely with its insurance company and other health management providers to continually expand its range of services. 

  • Flexible work arrangements help improve the health and wellbeing of employees and promote a better work-life balance by reducing stress while raising productivity. Flexible work hours and the option of working from home are only one aspect of the efforts Sunrise is making in this area. All office employees in Zurich moved into the newly refurbished Ambassador House in Glattpark/Opfikon in February 2019, where a new office concept was implemented.  The new concept  offers a wide range of flexible work settings, including shared desks combined  with new work spaces such as focus rooms, offices for a day and project areas, all of which are equipped  with modern  technology and state of the ar t ergonomic office furniture. There is a modern fitness area, bicycle storage and changing rooms with showers and lockers. Additionally, an in-house childcare service is currently planned to complete an ideal environment for meeting the needs of the majority of Sunrise employees.

  • Progressive employment terms are essential in ensuring employee satisfaction and employer appeal. Sunrise partners actively with the Swiss trade union syndicom, taking part in respectful and honest dialogs, negotiating terms and finding balanced solutions.

    Our current Collective Employment Contract (CEC) with syndicom entered into force on January 1, 2018. It guarantees proper working conditions for Sunrise employees and is valid through 2022. The goal of the CEC is to establish a set of binding employment terms that will continue to meet the growing demands placed on present-day employers. The CEC strikes a balance between social security for the staff and flexibility for Sunrise. With syndicom, Sunrise employees will continue to have, in addition to the Staff Committee, a strong partner in all social policy issues. Guaranteeing health care and time off for employees is essential in any company today. Sunrise and syndicom have agreed that staff members have the explicit right to be inaccessible outside their contractual work hours. The CEC contains progressive and family-friendly employment terms. For example, it provides for a higher minimum wage and extends the length of both maternity and paternity leave.