Our strategic positioning as the leading challenger, focusing on quality, has proven successful. Over the past years, Sunrise has been growing its market share and adjusted EBITDA through investments in network, product and service quality.

The success was based on the folowing factors:

  • Excellent mobile and fixed network infrastructure, including demonstrated  5G leadership and a pioneering role as a provider of fixed wireless access over 5G
  • Multi-brand approach targeting clearly distinct customer segments
  • Successful market share gains in the Business segment, suppor ted by a high quality network and superior service quality
  • Strong focus on customer centricity, service excellence, convergence,  product innovations and promotions

Sunrise’ still low market share and the rising market trend towards convergence  mean the quality focused challenger strategy is as viable as ever. The current market share provides significant potential for fur ther customer growth in postpaid, internet and T V across the Consumer and Business segments.

Sunrise to stay ahead of competition
To stay ahead of the competition, Sunrise will follow a strategy of next-level excellence through infrastructure, product and service differentiation and operational efficiency:

  • The unregulated fiber environment requires adaptation of the Sunrise infrastructure strategy to secure a leading  position  in the future. Therefore,  Sunrise  will focus on an extended fiber footprint. Non-fiber areas will be covered with the high-speed  5G infrastructure.
  • Product  and service differentiation  will be strengthened through a greater focus on innovation. Cross-  and up-selling  will be increasingly impor tant to exploit the convergence trend and driving fur ther growth in the customer base.
  • The successful multi-brand approach will be advanced and Sunrise will continue to invest in sales channels and product line extensions.
  • Digitalization  will drive fur ther operational momentum and improve margins.