Corporate Responsibility Management

The integration of Corporate Responsibility (CR) princi­ples, decision-making channels is a vital cornerstone of a well-functioning CR management system.

Organization and Governance
Sunrise adopted a company-wide CR Guideline consist­ing of environmental and social responsibility standards that were also integrated into new supplier contracts as mandatory provisions. A CR Steering Committee comprising members of the Executive Leadership Team, Directors and employee representatives from various business lines of the organization has been meeting quarterly. This committee’s objective is to manage CR activities and focus while also broadening support for CR throughout the company. In addition, the Steering Committee regularly evaluates CR activities on behalf of the Audit Committee that consists of representatives of the Board of Directors.

Principles and Policies
CR Policy
CR requirements for the supply chain

Contact to CR Manager

Materiality Matrix and focus topics
Discussions with external stakeholders are crucial for the Company’s ability to align CR with current requirements. Sunrise holds a number of stakeholder meetings on a variety of topics including labor rights in the supply chain and the requirements of sustainability funds. In an effort to develop more broad-based support for CR-related strategic thrusts, the Company performed an extensive materiality analysis in the summer of 2016 (see table Sunrise materiality analysis 2016). This analysis is geared toward gaining a better understanding of the needs of both internal and external stakeholders in regard to the individual sustainability topics while also identifying improvement potentials. By assigning relevance scores to individual CR projects, this materiality analysis also lays a more solid foundation of support for the thrust of future CR projects and their underlying strategy.

Sunrise materiality analysis