Environmental and Climate Protection

In the environmental sector, Sunrise focuses on energy and energy efficiency and, in doing so, makes a significant contribution toward climate protection.

Energy & eco-efficiency
A strong focus on energy efficiency is a key element of the Company’s effort to reduce its energy use and promote sustainable development. Sunrise measures energy efficiency within the scope of a voluntary energy efficiency agreement with the Swiss Federal government. Despite the rapid growth in data usage and increased network performance, total direct electricity consumption remained roughly constant over the past five years (see chart below).

Direct electricity consumption and data traffic increase

Ecological Footprint

A company’s ecological footprint is an important tool that can help determine what impact its business activities have on the climate. Factors taken into consideration within the scope of this analysis include greenhouse gas emissions Sunrise has direct control over as well as the Company’s power consumption (scopes 1 and 2, measured in CO2 equivalents). Not included in the calculations were indirect emissions, referred to as scope 3 emissions that would, for instance, also take into consideration the environmental impact of mobile phone production.

100% Renewable Energy
Since the beginning of 2017, Sunrise has been obtaining own electricity from 100% renewable and local sources of energy. Using renewable energy is a way to actively protect the environment and the global climate while also generating local added value – benefiting all of Switzerland. Sunset decided on Swiss hydropower, because it generates very low CO2 emissions compared to other sources of energy and is considered to be especially environmentally friendly. The potential savings in direct CO2 emissions from using around 80 GWh of 100% renewable electricity can be up to 10,000 tons per year.

The Zurich municipal electric utility (ewz, Elektrizitätswerk der Stadt Zürich) is a partner of Sunrise in this effort and has guaranteed delivery of 100% renewable energy from hydropower in the Graubünden region and from power stations on the Limmat River.

Certificate 100% Renewable of ewz

Take-back programs and subsequent refurbishment can greatly extend the useful life of electronic devices which, in turn, has a positive impact on the consumption of resources. In addition, Sunrise is actively involved in recycling. Following a successful six-month pilot phase, a take-back program for mobile phones and tablets was launched in the spring of 2015. In 2016, the Company again took back a large number of mobile phones and tablets and either properly recycled them or had them refurbished.

Energy Consumption and Efficiency Objectives
By defining energy efficiency objectives, Sunrise seeks to make its environmental protection efforts measurable and assessable. The goal is to increase energy efficiency by at least 13.5% (based on 2012 levels) by 2020 as part of its voluntary efficiency agreement with the Swiss Federal Government. Given that the Company has already increased its energy efficiency by almost 12% in 2017, it is highly likely that it will surpass its original objective set in 2012.