Our employees

Employee diversity and structure
As of December 31, 2017, Sunrise had 1,713 employees (1,645 full-time equivalents) throughout Switzerland (a decrease of 0.6% over the previous year). These jobs are located at the Company’s headquarters in Zurich, its offices in Prilly, Geneva, Bern, Basel and Lugano, and at some 85 points of sale across the country’s different linguistic regions.

Women account for 29.1% of the Sunrise workforce and 15.3% of the Company’s leadership. Of the overall workforce, 65.7% work under the Collective Employment Contract. The employee-initiated attrition rate for the year averaged 10.0%. The average age of employees is 38 years, and they stay at Sunrise for an average of 6.4 years. The overall part-time quota is 14.0%, 64.2% of which are women.

Employee KPIsIn full-time equivalents (FTE)

or headcount (heads) as indicated

2017 2016
Total staff (FTE) 20171,645 20161,656
Total staff (head count) 20171,713 20161,723
Extended management (head count) 201742 201633
Women in extended management (head count) 201712 20166
Men in extended management (head count) 201730 201627
Women (head count) 2017498 2016501
Men (head count) 20171,215 20161,153
Apprentices (FTE) 2017122 2016109
Participants in employee engagement survey (head count) 201782.5% 2016
Personnel expenditures in CHFk 2017214.6 2016221.4

Sunrise offers first-class products and services with the Swiss promise of quality. Employees from more than 60 nations help the Company succeed with their knowledge, innovative thinking and extraordinary commitment. Sunrise stands not just for Swissness, but for an international, multicultural and open work environment as well. Sunrise firmly believes that, by fostering an environment of diversity and inclusion, it can better meet the varied needs of its customers. Mutual respect, tolerance toward other cultures and a discrimi­nation-free workplace are part of everyday life at Sunrise.

Sunrise antidiscrimination policy

Employee Involvement
As a responsible employer, Sunrise cultivates an open, constructive dialog with the employee-elected representatives on the Staff Committee. Every three months, the Executive Leadership Team provides Staff Committee delegates with an update on the Company’s performance and development, specifically with regard to any strategic decisions that might impact the workforce. Other topics the Staff Committee addresses are issues such as occupational safety and health, accident prevention, occupational illnesses, workplace environment and employee assistance in the event of a reorganization.

In April 2017, Sunrise successfully concluded the renegotiation of the collective employment contract (CEC) with the union syndicom. As a result of the signing of the new CEC with syndicom, employees will continue to have, in addition to our Staff Committee, a strong partner in the area of social policy issues.

Union syndicom

Employee Training and Development
Sunrise promotes a culture of excellence and strives to continuously improve the services it offers its customers. Its annual goal-setting and evaluation process is an essential results-oriented leadership tool, as are individu­al agreements on development objectives and meas­ures.

Employees can take part in in-house continuous education courses with access to computer-based learning modules. If the in-house training resources do not meet employee training needs, Sunrise turns to external training programs. Sunrise Academy, the Company’s Training and Development group for practical training, is continually developing new learning modules and training courses for practical education. In addition, Management engages in regular discussions with employees, addresses their needs, answers questions and provides responses to staff suggestions submitted in a feedback box.

As a highly engaged and renowned participant in the Swiss apprenticeship market, Sunrise puts great effort into training up-and-coming professionals. Sunrise sees this as part of its responsibility to society while also understanding the importance of systematically develop­ing its own young talent pool.

Sunrise employs a total of 122 apprentices in various professions, making up 6.9% of the employee count, a number well above the legal requirements and the industry benchmark. The Company plans to host 140 apprentices in 2018, further increasing the already high quota. In 2017, 65% of apprenticeship graduates went on to become full-time employees of the company.

In keeping with the times, the apprenticeship program at Sunrise was rebranded in 2017 (see www.sunrise.ch/youngtalents). The Young Talent theme generates greater appeal among young people, guaranteeing a strong talent pipeline both now and in the future. In 2016, the Vocational Training team earned the Headset Award in the Hall of Fame category for its strong commitment and dedication toward young apprentices.

Employee Survey
Through its partnership with Gallup, Sunrise systematically and periodically measures engagement based on employees’ responses to the Q12 survey. The poll consists of actionable workplace elements with proven links to performance outcomes. In 2017, the measures took place in April and November. In the spring, 78% of employees participated in the survey. With a grand mean score of 4.01 points, Sunrise is placed in the 47th percentile of Gallup’s overall database. The survey led to improvement measures on all levels. In terms of results implementation, one notable achievement was the company call held in July 2017, which featured presentations by the CEO on important action areas and implementation measures.

At a response rate of 87%, an even higher number of employees participated in the second survey conducted in November 2017. And the overall results are encouraging: employee engagement and attractiveness as a workplace have increased, the grand mean rose from 4.01 to 4.11 points, placing Sunrise in the 54th percentile of Gallup’s overall database. In 2018, the Company and its teams will define and implement further actions to improve and strengthen workgroup engagement and performance. Furthermore, Sunrise will pursue the employee surveys in 2018.

Occupational Safety and Health
As part of its responsibility as an employer, Sunrise seeks to protect its staff from workplace accidents and health hazards. Based on the company-wide occupational safety plan, Sunrise has taken several steps toward improving workplace safety, such as a series of emergen­cy drills conducted at corporate headquarters with the goal of improving the interaction between emergency teams in the event of an evacuation. The e-learning platforms were also updated and training materials and courses were made digital. Training and education are vital elements of workplace safety. That is why Sunrise trained a total of 79 employees on safety topics such as first aid, working near antennas, etc. in 2017. Safety-relat­ed aspects of network and antenna operations remain an important area of focus. Occupational Safety officers from Sunrise and its network partner Huawei meet on a regular basis to evaluate the status of occupational safety at network and antenna locations.

Flexible Working Environment
Sunrise strives to create and cultivate a positive work environment. To this end, it offers a wide range of benefits, such as a pension plan exceeding mandatory requirements, unpaid leave, and a flexible vacation policy, all making it easier for employees to strike a healthy work-life balance. Each employee, for instance, is entitled to up to two additional weeks of unpaid vacation. The Company also offers part-time work, flexible work hours and working from home whenever possible depending on how an employee’s work is linked to front-office activities.

Sunrise offers its employees a supportive work environment during the various phases of their professional careers. Paternity leave following the birth or adoption of a child, for instance, is designed to help both parents get comfortable in their new roles.

In regard to sports, Sunrise encourages its employees to participate in athletic events together. This not only strengthens the team spirit but also encourages physical activity to compensate for time spent in the office.