Our employees

Employee diversity and structure
As of December 31, 2016, Sunrise had 1,723 employees (1,656 full-time equivalents) throughout Switzerland (a decrease of 2.2% from the previous year). These jobs are located at company headquarters in Zurich, the offices in Prilly, Geneva, Bern, Basel and Lugano, and at some 80 points of sale across the country’s different linguistic regions.

Women account for 29.7% of the Sunrise workforce and 17.1% of the Company’s leadership. Top management comprises approximately 104 employees, with women accounting for 16.2%. The average age of employees is 37.1 years, and they stay at Sunrise for an average of 6.1 years.

Employees hailing from 60 different countries constitute an enormous wealth of experience and ensure a high degree of creativity and flexibility. Sunrise is confident that teams of employees with different cultural backgrounds can better understand our customers’ needs and build trust through their inclusive presence.

Active dialogue between management and employees and Collective Bargaining Agreement
As a responsible employer, Sunrise cultivates an open, constructive dialog with the employee-elected representatives on the Staff Committee. Every three months, the Executive Leadership Team provides Staff Committee delegates with an update on the Company’s performance and development, specifically with regard to any strategic decisions that might impact the workforce. Other topics the Staff Committee addresses are issues such as occupational safety and health, accident prevention, occupational illnesses, workplace environment and employee assistance in the event of a reorganization.

In April 2017, Sunrise successfully concluded the renegotiation of the collective employment contract (CEC) with the union syndicom. As a result of the signing of the new CEC with syndicom, employees will continue to have, in addition to our Staff Committee, a strong partner in the area of social policy issues.

Union syndicom

Employee Training and Development
Sunrise trains 109 apprentices for positions as business managers, retail associates, IT specialists and customer contact professionals. With a workforce consisting of 6.8% trainees, Sunrise makes a very clear statement about the immense importance of vocational training in Switzerland.

Sunrise places great value on the continuing development of its employees and the organization. In this context, Sunrise focuses on corporate strategy, corporate values and management principles. The regular employee evaluation process allows Sunrise to manage and lead employees based on performance criteria. Employees receive regular feedback on their performance and progress and get the support they need to reach specific goals. To accomplish this, a company-wide process is in place.

In addition, employees have access to a computer-based learning management system for in-house training and continuing education. If the in-house training resources do not meet employee training needs, Sunrise turns to external training programs. Sunrise Academy, the Company’s Training and Development group for practical training, is continually developing new learning modules and training courses for practical education.

Occupational Safety and Health
Based on the company-wide occupational safety concept adopted in 2015, Sunrise has taken several different steps to enhance workplace safety, such as a series of emergency drills conducted at corporate headquarters with the goal of improving the interaction between emergency teams in the event of an evacuation. Occupational Safety officers from Sunrise and its network partner Huawei met on a regular basis to evaluate the status of occupational safety at network and antenna locations.

Employee Care Management (Workplace Wellbeing and Engagement in Dialog)
Sunrise strives to create and cultivate a positive work environment. To this end, it offers a wide range of benefits, such as a pension plan exceeding mandatory requirements, unpaid leave, and a flexible vacation policy, all making it easier for employees to strike a healthy work-life balance. Each employee, for instance, is entitled to up to two additional weeks of unpaid vacation. The Company also offers part-time work, flexible work hours and working from home whenever possible depending on how an employee’s work is linked to front-office activities.

Sunrise offers its employees a supportive work environment during the various phases of their professional careers. Paternity leave following the birth or adoption of a child, for instance, is designed to help both parents get comfortable in their new roles.

In regard to sports, Sunrise encourages its employees to participate in athletic events together. This not only strengthens the team spirit but also encourages physical activity to compensate for time spent in the office.

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