Climate Risks & Opportunities


Social, environmental, and sustainable advantages of 5G will significantly increase production value in Switzerland

5G in combination with IoT, advanced analytics, edge computing, and new video formats (e.g., augmented and virtual reality) will deliver social, environmental, and sustainable benefits, particularly in the sectors of healthcare, automotive, transport, and utilities. Here, 5G will contribute to an increase in Swiss production of CHF 1.2 billion by 2030. Furthermore, Smart Home, Smart Workplace, Smart Cities, and Non-urban Connectivity services will bring about a growth in production of more than CHF 500 million by 2030, thanks to greater energy efficiency and better traffic management and service access. As Switzerland's leading 5G provider, Sunrise has the potential to develop new business cases with integrated end-to-end solutions “as a service”. Therefore, Sunrise could be able to significantly consolidate its position as a managed service provider in the B2B market


Regulatory (Transition)

Strict climate regulations can lead to increasing costs, tax and fees.

Reputational (Transition)

Increasing awareness and knowledge about climate change and mitigation by external stakeholders lead to higher expectations.

Physical, Chronic & Occasional climate risks

  • Higher temperatures could result in higher energy needs for network infrastructure

  • More frequent occurence of extreme weather events poses a risk to business continuity