Energy Efficiency

One of the biggest challenges for Sunrise in the environmental area will be the separation of the rapid rise in data usage brought about by ongoing digitalization from the increased direct electricity consumption. Energy efficiency plays a key role in driving sustainable development with the limited use of finite resources.

Sunrise assesses its energy efficiency as part of a voluntary energy efficiency target agreement with the Swiss Federal Government and launched several efforts in 2019 to improve its energy efficiency. The biggest source of harmful emissions Sunrise can directly influence is its direct electricity consumption, more than 80% of which is attributable to the network infrastructure. To this end, the Company installed more efficient air conditioning systems and upgraded power supply units at antenna locations to optimize power consumption. To date, these efforts have resulted in total savings of up to 431,361 kWh of electricity per year. On top of those network related measures, we expect to save up to 1,000,000 kWh of electricity per year with the move in to the new headquarters Ambassador House, which has a state of art energy management system in place. Despite the rapid growth in data usage and increased network performance, total direct electricity consumption at Sunrise has only risen slightly over the past five years.