Environment / Climate Strategy

The Sunrise key strategic environmental and climate areas are renewable energies, energy efficiency, green product portfolio and CO2 reduction and waste and recycling. Sunrise aims to continuously improve the environmental and climate impact by a management system approach including target setting, impact measurement and programs.

The Sunrise environmental and climate strategy is well embedded in the Corporate Governance system. A quarterly Sustainability Steering Committee comprising directors and Executive Leadership reports on progress to the Board of Directors Audit Committee - the highest supervisory body - with regard to environmental and climate aspects.


Sunrise Environmental and Climate Change Strategy

CO2 emission reduction Renewable energies Energy efficiency Green product portfolio Waste and recycling

Climate change targets for 2022



Renewable energies

Electricity form 100% renewable sources


Energy efficiencyIncrease energy efficiency by the end of 2022 >13.5% Green product portfolioHelp customers to reduce their footprint with a green business portfolio and digitalization Waste and recyclingIncrease recycling and reduce waste for customers and own facilities