Nadine Zollinger, General Councel

• Nadine Zollinger is General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer of Sunrise UPC since December 2020.

• In 2018, Nadine was appointed to General Counsel & Chief Compliance Officer at UPC. In 2019 she was also appointed Chief People Officer and with that was responsible for Human Resources. In the same year she has also been responsible for Sunrise UPC’s Sports channel MySports.

• Since 2013 Nadine was heading the legal department at UPC Switzerland. In this role she was responsible for legal, regulatory affairs and compliance.

• Nadine holds several board memberships in the telco and media industry. She studied law and passed her bar exam in Basel-Stadt. She also holds an LL.M. with a specialization in “Media & Technology Law” from the University of New South Wales in Sydney.