Working Environment

As a modern company, Sunrise is committed to progressive working conditions. Many of the principles of social and labor rights are already legally ingrained in Switzerland, such as freedom of assembly, equal pay or the provisions of the International Labor Organization (ILO) conventions ratified by Switzerland, such as Conventions No. 87 and No. 98 on freedom of association and the right to organize.

Sunrise works proactively with the Swiss trade union syndicom, taking part in respectful and honest dialogue to negotiate terms and find balanced solutions. Sunrise's current Collective Employement Contract (CEC) between Sunrise and syndicom entered into force on January 1, 2018, and is valid through to the end of 2021. The goal of the CEC is to establish a set of binding employment terms that will continue to meet the growing demands placed on present-day employers. The parties to the CEC undertake in particular to protect the personality of the employees, to ensure equality, to take suitable measures to ensure equal pay and equal opportunity, as well as to adequately represent gender, languages, and cultures in committees, project teams, and work teams. The minimum salary stipulated in the CEC is intended to guarantee Sunrise employees a fair living wage. Other progressive and family-friendly employment conditions in the CEC include extended maternity and paternity leave.

In syndicom, Sunrise employees have a strong partner in all social policy issues, complementing the efforts of the Staff Committee.

GAV Sunrise 2018 - 2021

Flexible Work Environment
Flexible work arrangements help improve the health and wellbeing of employees and promote a better work-life balance by reducing stress while raising productivity. Flexible work hours and the option of working from home are just a part of the efforts Sunrise is making in this area. In February 2019, all office staff in Zurich moved into the newly refurbished Ambassador House in Glattpark/Opfikon, where a new office concept was implemented. This new concept offers a wide range of flexible work settings, including shared desks combined with new work spaces such as focus rooms, day offices and project areas, all of which are equipped with modern technology and state of the art ergonomic office furniture. There is a modern fitness area, bicycle storage, and changing rooms with showers and lockers. Additionally, an in-house childcare service is currently planned to complete an ideal environment for meeting the needs of the majority of Sunrise employees.