Employee KPIs

As full-time equivalents (FTE) or number of employees (headcount), as specified in brackets

2019 2018
Total staff (FTE) 20191,739 20181,611
Total staff (head count) 20191,798 20181,671
Extended management (head count) 201940 201837
Women in extended management (head count) 20197 201810
Men in extended management (head count) 201933 201827
Women (head count) 2019505 2018465
Men (head count) 20191,293 20181,206
Apprentices (FTE) 2019137 2018140
Participants in employee engagement survey (head count) 201976.0% 201892.0%
Personnel expenditures in CHFk 2019225.5 2018213.9

Sunrise has positioned itself as an attractive employer in the Swiss jobs market and maintains a constructive dialogue with the Swiss syndicom union. 61.1% of the total workforce is covered by the collective employment contract (CEC) negotiated between Sunrise and syndicom. The staff attrition rate was 13.1% (previous year: 16.7%) of the workforce. 


Diversity and Anti-Discrimination  

Sunrise values and encourages diversity in the workplace. The diversity of its workforce reflects the diversity of its customers. Employees from over 50 nations contribute to the expertise, innovative thinking, and extraordinary commitment that helps Sunrise succeed. Sunrise doesn’t just stand for Swissness, but for an international, multicultural, and open work environment as well. Sunrise firmly believes that it can better meet the varied needs of its customers by fostering an environment of diversity and inclusion.

Mutual respect, tolerance of other cultures, and a discrimination-free workplace are part of everyday life at Sunrise. Sunrise puts the mental and physical health of its employees first and does not tolerate any form of bullying, sexual harassment, or other discrimination, e.g. on the basis of gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, nationality, social position or way of life, skin color, ethnicity, age, ideological or political belief, disability, or illness. Sunrise employees are expected to show respect for all colleagues, customers, and suppliers. They are encouraged to report any misconduct they see, in line with the diversity and anti-discrimination policy.

Sunrise takes its responsibilities very seriously when it comes to equal treatment and equality, especially in terms of equal pay and the representation of women in management roles and certain technical functions.