Sunrise encourages its employees to report incidents that they believe violate laws (e.g. fraud, data protection violations, competition law, etc.) or internal regulations (violations of diversity and anti-discrimination regulations, anti-bribery regulations, etc.). Employees can also report behaviors that they believe are discriminatory or offensive, or simply not consistent with their moral code.

Employees have the option of making these reports anonymously via the compliance hotline or by contacting the relevant officials directly. Employees are regularly kept up to date with internal news via the portal, and the topic of whistleblowing is part of a e-Learning, which all employees must complete regularly.

Every report is handled in the strictest confidence, and whistleblowers are protected against any form of reprisal.

The compliance hotline is available to employees in several languages.

Customers and other stakeholders can make a report via the Sunrise homepage: https://www.sunrise.ch/en/residential/help/kontakt/report-a-fraud-case.html