Compensation for members of the Board of Directors includes a fixed component for membership as well as additional amounts based on individual roles as shown in the following table. In order to ensure the independence of the Board of Directors in its supervisory function over the Group Management Board, the members of the Board of Directors do not receive variable compensation linked to the performance of the company.

Board fees for the calendar year 2015 were paid in cash in quarterly installments (payment months: April 2015, July 2015, October 2015 and January 2016). Following the first ordinary shareholders’ meeting, base compensation will consist of a cash component and payment in Sunrise shares (targeted at 1⁄3 of base compensation for the Chairman and 50% of base compensation for all other Board of Directors members). These shares will be subject to a blocking period of three years to ensure long-term interest. To avoid any conflict of interest, no performance shares will be granted in addition to these blocked Sunrise shares. Any additional amounts payable for committee chairperson position or committee membership will be paid solely in cash. The amounts below are gross values before deduction of employee social security and taxes.

Base Compensation

Role Amount in CHF
Chairman of the Board Amount in CHF300,000
Member of the Board Amount in CHF100,000

Committee Membership Fee

Role Amount in CHF
Chairman of the AC Amount in CHF60,000
Chairman of the NCC Amount in CHF50,000
Member of Committee Amount in CHF30,000

The members of the Board of Directors are reimbursed for travel and other related expenses associated with their responsibilities as members of Sunrise Board of Directors.