Sunrise has set itself the goal of paying all employees including the Board of Directors and the Group Management Board (GMB) by targeting the median compensation of relevant comparison groups. Compensation levels and structures are benchmarked on a regular basis.

With regard to compensation for the Board of Directors and Group Management Board, Sunrise obtained advice and benchmark data from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) on companies in the Swiss Market Index SMIM (PwC also has tax advice and accounting mandates for Sunrise). A subset of particularly relevant companies was selected from the SMIM. This subset of SMIM companies, along with a direct competitor in the Swiss telco market (see list below), is considered the group of companies most comparable to Sunrise in terms of size, complexity and labor market.*

Sunrise is mindful of the fact that pay level comparisons must also take into account differences in compensation structure. While, generally speaking, the companies in the SMIM differ in terms of their compensation structures, Sunrise considered their pay structures similar enough to allow for meaningful pay level benchmarking.

Compensation for employees below the Board of Directors and Group Management Board level is benchmarked against the high-tech industry survey conducted by Towers Watson (Towers Watson also provides pension fund services).


* ams AG; Bâloise Holding AG; Georg Fischer AG; Logitech International AG; Nobel Biocare AG; OC Oerlikon Corp AG; PSP Swiss Property AG; Sonova Holding AG; Straumann Holding AG; Swiss Prime Site AG; Temenos Group AG; Swisscom AG.