• The Sunrise group’s consolidated financial statements for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2015, have been audited by Ernst & Young AG, Zürich (since the incorporation of Sunrise Communications Group AG). Ernst & Young S.A., Luxembourg, has been the auditor of Sunrise Communications Holdings S.A. since fiscal year 2012. The auditor is elected annually by the Annual General Meeting of Sunrise Communications Group AG. The lead auditor is André Schaub (since 2015)
  • The total audit fees for the fiscal year 2015 amount to CHF 796,000 (2014: CHF 638,000). 
  • The additional fees for audit-related services totaling CHF 582,000 (2014: 84,000) primarily comprise services ­in connection with comfort letter procedures related to the initial public offering. Additional fees for tax services totaling CHF 2.186 million (2014: 23,000) are related to services in connection with re-financing and reorganization of the Group structure.
  • The Board of Directors of Sunrise Communications Group AG meets with the auditor on a regular basis (at least four times a year) during the Audit Committee meetings. Once a year, the auditor presents to the Audit Committee a detailed report on the financial statement audit, including findings of significant financial accounting, reporting and internal control system issues. The auditor also confirms its independence from the Sunrise group in that report. Each year, the Audit Committee reviews the appropriateness of retaining Ernst & Young as the Sunrise group’s auditor prior to proposing the reappointment of Ernst & Young to the Annual General Meeting. Audit fees are ultimately approved by the Audit Committee. To ensure independence throughout the year, any additional and audit-related services provided by the auditor require the approval of the Audit Committee.