Information and Control Instruments vis-à-vis the Executive Management

In each meeting of the Board of Directors, the Board of Directors is informed by the CEO, the CFO and other members of the Group Management Board on the current state of the business, financial results, material developments and important business transactions affecting the company. This includes, but is not limited to, consolidated annual budgets, quarterly reports with budget comparison, profit and loss forecasts, quarterly financial projections, monthly key performance index reports and strategic risk management reports (annually with quarterly updates to the Audit Committee). The Audit Committee receives, and the Board of Directors approves, the quarterly financial results. The Audit Committee receives quarterly compliance, legal, regulatory and information security reports. Once a year, the Nomination and Compensation Committee receives information on the implementation of compensation and personnel policies by the Group Management Board as well as information on personnel development and corresponding measures at management levels below the Group Management Board. The Audit Committee has direct access to the Internal Audit department and may obtain information required by it within the Sunrise group and question the responsible employees. The Board carries out an annual review of the principles of compliance applicable to the Board of Directors, its Committees, the Group Management Board and the Sunrise group to determine whether such principles are sufficiently well known and consistently followed.