Internal Audit

The Internal Audit department provides the Audit ­Committee in particular and the Board of Directors and Group Management Board of Sunrise Communications Group AG in general with an independent review of the business processes and controls necessary to manage the risks of the company. It is an independent assurance function that examines and evaluates the adequacy and effectiveness of internal controls in line with the Internal Audit Charter approved by the Board of Directors. To ensure its independence, the Head of Internal Audit reports administratively to the Chief Financial Officer and functionally to the Chairman of the Audit Committee.

Internal Audit provides an objective and effective value-added internal audit service through a systematic and disciplined approach by assisting management in controlling risks, monitoring compliance and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of internal control systems and governance processes. As part of its duties, it prepares an annual plan approved by the Audit Committee, carries out all the necessary activities to ensure that audits are conducted in an effective and professional manner, documents audit findings and monitors the implementation of corrective measures. Regular reports highlighting significant audit findings and recommendations and summarizing internal audit activities are provided to the management teams and Audit Committee meetings at least on a quarterly basis.

To achieve maximum assurance and avoid duplication of audit efforts, Internal Audit coordinates its annual audit plan and activities with those of the external auditors. External auditors have unrestricted access to the audit reports of Internal Audit.

Internal Audit adheres to standards of best professional practice such as the Standards of Professional Practice of Internal Auditing.