Employee Development

Sunrise trains about 110 apprentices for positions as business managers, retail associates, IT specialists and customer service professionals. In general,Sunrise offers continued employment to nearly 60% of apprentices upon completion of their training.

When hiring new employees, Sunrise gives priority to candidates who have relevant expertise and who, in addition, uphold and support the Sunrise values of fairness, transparency and customer orientation. Thanks to a recently revised recruiting process, this concept has become an integral part of candidate selection.

Sunrise places great value on the continuing development of its employees and the organization. In this context, Sunrise focuses on corporate strategy, corporate values and management principles. The regular employee evaluation process allows Sunrise to manage and lead employees based on performance criteria. Employees receive regular feedback on their performance and progress and get the support they need to reach specific goals. To accomplish this, a company-wide process is in place. Personal employee development is divided into three pillars:

  • Management development curriculum for management employees
  • Project management training for employees working in a project-driven environment
  • Various individual continuing education opportunities, such as language or IT training, for all employees

In addition, employees have access to a computer-based learning management system for in-house training and continuing education. Sunrise Academy, the company’s Training and Development department, is continually developing new learning modules and training courses; most recently, it created a career path for employees in sales with clearly defined career steps.

If its in-house training resources do not meet employee training needs, Sunrise turns to external training programs.