Products, Services and Sales Channels

For Sunrise, innovation is the way to maintain customer ­satisfaction­ and ensure success in an environment of changing needs and demands. Sunrise pursued this philosophy throughout 2015, launching innovative products based on the three pillars of the brand: fairness, transparency and customer orientation.

  • Mobile service offerings include mobile voice and data services and other value-added services such as international telephony, roaming and device insurance as well as access to Sunrise TV products via mobile devices. Sunrise also offers mobile phones, tablets and other hardware devices.
  • The Sunrise Freedom portfolio targets the mass market, which represents the highest-value customers. With the launch of the Sunrise Freedom rate plans in April 2014, Sunrise introduced uncoupled service and mobile phone plans without a fixed contract term. Customers can adjust their subscriptions at no cost any time their needs change. Sunrise Freedom fully supports the three Sunrise brand pillars by providing fairness, transparency and customer orientation. Sunrise was the first mobile network operator to launch this concept in the Swiss market.

    With high-usage customers in mind, the company launched Sunrise Freedom super max in August 2015, a transparent product that offers unlimited calling and texting, not just in Switzerland, but abroad as well, with unrestricted high-speed 4G data in Switzerland and 1 GB of free monthly data usage abroad

  • To meet the growing demand for mobile internet access, Sunrise launched Freedom share data in February 2015, allowing customers to use the high-speed data volume included in their Freedom mobile subscription on another device equipped with a second SIM card for CHF 5 per month. Customers can also sign up for an additional hardware plan for a second device. This innovative product is unique in the Swiss market.
  • In September 2010, Sunrise successfully launched the MTV mobile rate plans based on an agreement with MTV. MTV mobile provides relevant products to the young and youth segment up to the qualifying age of 30 and is the only youth-specific telecommunications brand in the Swiss market. MTV mobile Freedom follows the same flexible principles as Sunrise Freedom and has been highly successful. The offer is attractively positioned in all postpaid youth segments and is supported by attractive benefits relevant to the age group, such as favorable terms for the use of WhatsApp and the Swiss Half-Fare Card on the SBB railway system.

    In response to the increasing demand for higher volumes of data for mobile internet use in the young & youth market, MTV mobile Freedom max was launched in August 2015. The plan offers unlimited high-speed data use, including unlimited calls to all networks in Switzerland, unlimited SMS and MMS, unlimited calls to Europe and North America and 200 MB of internet surfing abroad plus 200 MB of WhatsApp usage abroad.

  • Sunrise offers a wide range of fair and flexible roaming solutions that allow customers to pay for roaming only when they actually need it and keep costs under control with the Sunrise Roaming Cockpit.

    In April 2015, Sunrise launched a comprehensive and attractive range of products and services for travelers. In addition to significant price reductions on all travel data packages and travel talk options, roaming options were extended with Sunrise travel days, all-inclusive packages (for 7 or 30 consecutive days) with unlimited calls / SMS and large data volumes.

  • In March 2015, Sunrise relaunched yallo postpaid plans in response to increasing smartphone penetration and data consumption in the budget and ethno markets. Each of the three rate plans is specifically tailored to cover the needs of its respective target group.

    yallo Flat includes unlimited calls to all networks in Switzerland and to 41 European countries as well as 1 GB data at 4G speed. This rate plan is also available as yallo PostPaid, which offers extra benefits and is available exclusively at Swiss post offices. yallo Europe includes unlimited calls to 41 European countries and 500 MB data at 4G speed. yallo Balkan includes unlimited calls to all networks in Switzerland, 1 GB data at 4G speed and 200 minutes to European and select Balkan countries.

Innovation in harmony with company values. All product innovations are based on our values of fairness, transparency and customer orientation.

  • Prepaid subscribers may choose from rate plans that allow for the prepaid credit to be deducted on a per-unit, per-day or per-month basis. Sunrise offers prepaid voice and data services under a broad range of brands (Sunrise, MTV, ALDI SUISSE mobile, yallo, Ortel and Lebara) to appeal to different market segments and their varying needs. With all brands, the company offers a wide range of customized options, including calling, SMS, data and roaming as well as combinations thereof for a basic monthly fee. With increasing smartphone penetration and data consumption, prepaid is declining and there is a shift from pre- to postpaid subscriptions.

    In August 2015, Sunrise and MTV mobile launched new prepaid offerings with a cost-control feature dubbed airbag and two new prepaid options. With the new Sunrise Prepaid airbag plan, customers pay only for the first two minutes of a call, and with MTV mobile WhatsApp pre, they pay a maximum of 75 cents per day for mobile internet usage. The two new prepaid options Sunrise Prepaid budget 10 and Sunrise Prepaid budget 15 are particularly appealing to regular users, providing a certain number of calls, SMS messages to all Swiss networks and megabytes of mobile internet surfing at 4G speeds.

  • Sunrise offers its customers a broad selection of mobile devices and related accessories sourced from a number of well-known suppliers and distributors, including Apple, Samsung, HTC, Huawei, Beats, etc. Sunrise continuously seeks to improve the quality and range of its mobile devices and accessories offerings to take advantage of new technological developments and mobile device features.
  • Sunrise provides landline voice, internet and Internet Protocol Television services (IPTV) to both residential and business customers. Sunrise provides these services through its LLU (Local Loop Unbundling) infrastructure or indirectly through the Swisscom CPS (Carrier Preselection), VDSL (Very High Speed Digital Subscriber Line) and fiber networks or via Swiss Fibre Net AG and local utilities for fiber access. It is thus able to provide a full product portfolio to meet the demand for high-speed connectivity.

    Landline Voice

    Sunrise offers local, national, landline-to-mobile, inter­national and advanced voice services (such as Integrated Services Digital Network access (ISDN)) to residential and business customers throughout Switzerland. Sunrise provides public switched telephone network access and ISDN access throughout Switzerland.

    Internet and IPTV

    Sunrise Home and MTV home are flexible, modularly structured products that allow customers to choose the best combination of landline voice, internet and TV services for their specific needs. Sunrise Home fully supports the brand pillars of fairness, transparency and customer orientation by allowing customers to pay only for services they actually use and that make sense for them. Each customized product package can be quickly modified at no cost any time the customer’s needs change.

    With Sunrise TV, 2012 saw the launch of the latest generation of TV entertainment. Since then, Sunrise TV has provided customers with a number of innovative services that have transformed television into a completely new experience. These include such popular time-shifting features as ComeBack TV and Live Pause. Sunrise TV offers a large variety of TV channels including HD. In April 2015, Sunrise TV added Hot from the US, an exciting feature that lets users watch the most popular American TV hit series just 48 hours after their initial broadcast in the US.

    Sunrise Smart TV offers a host of new features. With the new Sunrise TV app, the whole family can now watch different channels on TV and on up to five smartphones or tablets at the same time – at home or on the move. Even while abroad, Sunrise TV gives you access to all ComeBack TV content and stored recordings via Wi-Fi. With the Sunrise TV app, users can quickly and easily find their favorite shows and transfer them straight to their television sets via the Push2TV function. The cloud-based recording function also lets you record any ComeBack TV shows you may have missed over the past seven days. The new Sunrise ComeBack TV Agent is a unique search function that helps users easily find shows that suit their interests from the wide selection of programming on ComeBack TV.

  • Business Sunrise offers business customers a complete range of mobile, landline network, internet and data services. Its customers include small and medium-sized ­businesses as well as large-scale companies.

    For the small office/home office (SoHo) segment, Sunrise offers the standard Sunrise Office portfolio with flexible, modular products that allow customers to select the best combination of landline voice and internet services for their specific needs. For more demanding business requirements, Sunrise also offers advanced corporate data services provided in addition to the standard services. These include direct internet access, security, messaging and other value-added services for business customers (IP VPN, customized M2M solutions, etc.).

    The ISO 9001-certified Integrations department at Business Sunrise offers customized solutions in the areas of voice, data and security to large-scale customers.

    Mobile offerings for business customers follow a flat-rate approach. A broad set of options allows contracts to be tailored to a customer’s specific needs. The standard Sunrise Freedom portfolio is geared mainly toward the SoHo segment. The specific needs of larger companies are met by Business flat rate offerings or Business mobile evolution, a customizable package that provides added flexibility.

    In April 2015, Microsoft OneDrive for Business was launched as an innovative solution to one of the most important issues associated with the cloud: security. OneDrive for Business (as a component of Office 365) is a storage location where working files are stored, synchronized and shared. The product is offered in cooperation with Microsoft and is an example of the modular approach Business Sunrise takes: Customers can select the services that precisely meet their needs, so they only pay for what they really need.

    Through its strategic partnership with Microsoft, Sunrise offers its business customers products from the Office 365 portfolio along with a comprehensive cloud solution that meets the highest requirements and standards.

    Sunrise has dedicated account management teams for its medium and large enterprise customers, while SoHo and small enterprise customers are mainly supported by sales partners (indirect channels) and the company’s own retail stores.

    Microsoft has named Business Sunrise a Gold competency partner in the Unified Communications segment. In addition, Business Sunrise has repeatedly been awarded Premium Partner Status by Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise and Gold Partner Status by Cisco. Also, Sunrise was named Collaboration Partner of the Year for 2015 by Cisco.

  • Sunrise distributes its products and services through direct and indirect channels. Direct distribution occurs through self-branded company stores, self-branded mobile centers, websites, web chat, mobile app, direct mail and telephone sales via call centers (inbound and outbound). As of December 31, 2015, Sunrise had 94 self-branded points of sale.

    Indirect channels range from nationwide chains such as Mobilezone (the largest independent telecommunications retailer in Switzerland), Swiss Post, Media Markt, ­Interdiscount and Fust to regional Sunrise Premium Partners and dealers. Indirect channels provide approximately 2,500 points of sale throughout Switzerland.

    A comprehensive and target-segment-specific distribution network with approximately 1,500 points of sale offers services for the Ethno segment under the Lebara, Ortel and yallo brands.

  • The Sunrise ISO 27001 certification (information security management system) ensures company-wide information security which includes all offices, employees and operational processes handling customer information and communications as well as the technology infrastructure and services used for the processing, storing and trans­mission of customer information and communication. The certification includes residential and business customer data.

The Sunrise information security management system is certified (ISO 27001) and so is its Integrations department quality management system (ISO 9001).