Increase market share

Achieve market share gains by leveraging the multi-brand strategy, competitive positioning and attractive offerings

Sunrise expects its successful multi-brand strategy to win over residential customers across the quality mass market (with the core Sunrise brand), and the young and youth (MTV mobile), budget and ethno market segments (yallo, Ortel and Lebara).

Sunrise is targeting the residential market in general through segmented and customized product offerings. Given the distinct appeal that the Sunrise brand and the well-­recognized MTV mobile (the only youth-specific brand in the Swiss market), yallo, Ortel and Lebara brands have demonstrated in their respective segments, Sunrise is strongly focused on developing these brands by further expanding their differentiating characteristics as well as their market share. This strategy is complemented by a mobile virtual network operator and reseller approach (such as ALDI SUISSE mobile), which allows Sunrise to address further niche segments.

Sunrise supports its competitive positioning by offering innovative services that address the preferences of Swiss consumers. The current marketing strategy aims at showcasing the Sunrise brand as “your partner for simple and smart telecom solutions” based on the three pillars of the brand, the company values of fairness, transparency and customer orientation, reflecting its commitment to delivering a best-in-class convergent experience.

Sunrise has been investing in marketing to support its brand positioning, which has generated strong momentum for the Sunrise brand and all brand drivers. To help accelerate the brand strategy, Roger Federer was named Sunrise Brand Ambassador in 2014. Since then Sunrise has significantly improved its brand consideration and recognition.

The business segment is also targeted with the core Sunrise brand but with a customized product portfolio and distribution strategy for each type of business based on its needs. Sunrise is leveraging and developing its services effectively to strengthen the product portfolio and serve the needs of enterprises. The value proposition will be enhanced by creating a clear and lean service portfolio to launch targeted marketing initiatives and optimize the distribution footprint. Sunrise is driving growth in small and home offices and small enterprises by leveraging the visibility and strength of the medium and large enterprise business.