Strengthen foundation for growth

Deliver high-quality service and a superior customer experience supported by digital initiatives to strengthen the foundations for the company's sustainable

As a customer-centric organization, Sunrise maintains a high level of customer satisfaction. It strives to increase customer loyalty and strengthen customer relationships through a superior customer experience.

Sunrise will continue to evaluate the feedback it receives on all interactions with customers and the personal feedback from employees, and make structural improvements through customer feedback as a key part of its strategy to further improve the quality of its services and customer experience. Sunrise aims to maintain its focus on customer care by working with key partners, investing in training and coaching, upgrading service levels for all customers and providing differentiated customer care for high-value and business customers.

To meet increasing customer expectations in a digitalizing world, Sunrise will significantly improve its digital capabilities. Current digital initiatives are aimed at increasing market share and profits while providing the best digital customer service experience by deploying state-of-the-art self-directed services to simplify its customers’ digital journeys.