24/7 - Online all the time

"I use the internet to teach myself how to play the piano. I also like to make electronic music, which I publish online."

Enes Biqkaj, IT Specialist, Bülach

Sunrise links me to the whole world.

“I can’t imagine being without the internet, even for one day. I am constantly online on my smartphone. When I am on the go, I listen to music or watch movies. And of course, I’m in touch with my friends all the time. I am even using the Internet to learn how to make music. Thanks to the Sunrise offers, my parents can rest assured that their month-end costs are not any higher than planned. And, I can always surf at the highest speed; even WhatsApp use abroad is included.”

Since the Biqkaj family gets all their telecommunications services from Sunrise, they benefit from the Sunrise advantage: a 10 percent combination discount on all products.

Enes Biqkaj is under thirty, so he benefits from an MTV mobile subscription for his smartphone. At home, Sunrise internet comfort gives him the surfing speed he needs for his music projects and for playing games online. Thanks to his Sunrise Take Away subscription, he even qualifies for unlimited surfing on his tablet. His parents mainly use phone start on their landline telephone and Sunrise TV comfort to watch television.