Sunrise would like to work with you

Working at Sunrise

  • More than 1800 employees from 50 countries
  • Average age 39
  • Talent pipeline with over 140 trainees as an investment in the future
  • Equal opportunities for men and women and commitment to diversity

Take a chance with us!

  • The Collective Employment Contract (CEC) with the union syndicom has defined new principles, rules, and regulations regarding employment at Sunrise since January 1, 2018.

    Work hours

    • Flexible work hours
    • 40-hour work week
    • Work from home or on the go


    • 5 weeks (6 weeks up to the age of 20 and over age 50)
    • 17 weeks of maternity leave
    • 8 days of paternity leave

    Social security benefits

    • Retirement fund with individual savings options
    • Sickness insurance and accident insurance with generous continued salary payments


    • Our pay system takes individual performance and achievement
      of mutual goals into account
  • Sunrise is aware of its social responsibility and bases its business decisions on a sustainable approach that factors in social and environmental criteria.


    • Sunrise signed the voluntary agreement to increase energy efficiency and reduce CO2 emissions. In the last 4 years, energy efficiency was increased by 11%.
    • Sunrise obtains all its electricity from 100% indigenous renewable energy sources

    Social matters

    • Sunrise supports the Foundation for Swiss Sports
      Assistance through the RF Foundation.
    • "Time for money" - up to two weeks of vacation can be bought each year
    • Use of Sunrise products (mobile subscription,
      landline network, Internet, TV)
    • Employee discounts on MINI and BMW 1 Series cars with company logo
    • Discounted meals available in the staff restaurant at the Zurich-Oerlikon and Zurich-Thurgauerstrasse locations
    • Discounts off products and services from other companies
    • Free coffee, tea and water
    • Bonus for successful employee placement
    • Gift in honor of personal events and service
  • Motivated and skilled employees are our most important asset. They are the ones who inspire our internal and external customers and offer them a great experience.

    That’s why we love to encourage our employees to constantly develop their skills. We focus on on-the-job education accompanied by potential external education programs. Both are discussed and agreed upon with the superior. In addition, Sunrise Academy offers a broad range of learning contents and modern learning methods.