Infinity Display – unlimited design

The phenomenal dimensions of the 6.3“-inch screen (160 mm) without the Home button will captivate you and offer you an even greater range of possibilities. And in split-screen mode you can even move files around between apps.

Dual Camera

Take photos like a pro with the Galaxy Note8 and marvel at the photos you achieve. Thanks to image stabiliser (OIS) an even sharper image appears on both cameras. In addition, having two lenses enables 2× optical zooming. The result – unprecedented image quality.

Intelligent SPen

Now you can create animated, handwritten messages with a natural writing sensation, write down a note quickly and conveniently, or translate texts. With the Galaxy Note8’s new SPen, you can complete these steps in no time at all.


The Galaxy Note8 DUOS’ special card slots hold two SIM cards. This means you can simply use your second SIM card instead of your SD card. DUOS Hybrid SIM lets you activate or switch off the second card in Settings whenever you need it – so you can enjoy your evenings in peace.