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Overview of Premium SMS

  • SMS premium service providers offer a wide variety of chargeable SMS and MMS premium services that you can use and pay for via your Sunrise mobile phone.

    • Information and entertainment: Ring tones, games, pictures, mobile phone design features, news, weather, newspapers, horoscope, participation in contests
    • Food and drink: Products from Selecta vending machines
    • Public services: Night surcharge for train tickets, parking tickets
    • Donations: to Caritas, Unicef, Red Cross, etc.
    • Adult content: adult content and chats
    • Telecom provider services: Option activation and deactivation, participation in contests, activation and deactivation of information services

    Click here list of all premium SMS service providers

  • Together with premium SMS service providers, Sunrise makes the infrastructure (the Sunrise mobile phone network) and the billing capability available via your Sunrise phone bill and Sunrise prepaid products. The premium SMS service provider is responsible for offer content, services and prices. Sunrise assumes no liability for the correctness and compliance with statutory requirements of the information. This is exclusively the responsibility of the individual premium SMS service provider.

    For additional information on this subject, please visit the information page of the Federal Office of Communication

  • The provider sets the prices for individual services:

    • Depending on content/field, individual services are billed at up to CHF 100.00 per message.
    • After signing up for a subscription service, chargeable premium SMS and MMs messages sent as part of this subscription must not cost more than CHF 5.00 per minute, or the overall amount of CHF 400.00 per subscription.
    • It is possible to register for several services and subscriptions using just one single short number.

    Please always read the small print carefully to avoid unintentional sign-ups for premium SMS service subscriptions. Please pay particular attention to rates and purchase conditions when you download ring tones, pictures and games or when using adult content services.

    You can block premium SMS messages online in My Sunrise.

  • You can send standard commands via SMS to an individual provider's short number:

    • START keyword: Ordering an individual service
    • STOP keyword: Cancelling an individual service
    • STOP ALL: Cancelling all services offered by this provider or this short number
    • VIEW: Overview of all active subscriptions you have with this provider or this short number
    • INFO: Contact information for the provider associated with this short number.
    • INDEX: Information from the provider of the short number on how to use the service or tips on where to obtain a detailed service description including a price list.

    The provider sends you this information via SMS.

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